Winter Break Baking with Kids

Are you planning on some winter break baking with kids? As a mom of multiples, I understand how exciting yet overwhelming it can be to let kids get messy in the kitchen. But that’s where some of the best memories are made. A special thanks to Baker’s Party Shop for sponsoring this post and sending some goodies for my kiddos to create kitchen memories of their own. 

Winter (or Christmas) break is almost here! Unlike summer break, I plan our winter break religiously every year. There is very little down or “I’m Bored!” exclamations during winter break! I’m extra excited this year. The triplets are old enough now to participate and appreciate most of our activities, including our winter baking and treat making! We have already been experimenting with a few fun treats in the kitchen. If you have LOTS of little ones and you’re looking to create some memories in the kitchen this winter break without losing your mind, here’s how to keep it simple.

Winter Break Baking with Kids AD

Note that this post is geared towards families with younger kids and multiple kids who want to all get their hands messy and get creative in the kitchen. 

First, even if you believe scratch-made is better (I do!), there are still items to keep on hand in the pantry. There’s nothing like being caught at the last minute or in a snow storm with no supplies or no time to make dough from scratch. Keeping a few of these items close by will prove helpful

Items to keep on hand:

Winter Break Baking with Kids AD

What do I do with the treats that we make? While making the treats is memorable, I also recongize the danger of being home alone with four kids hopped up on sugar. Here are a few dedicated reasons that we bake and make treats during the winter, half of which are to give away.

  • Make treats for a made-up, special occasion party or celebrate something small
  • Make treats for neighbors
  • Make treats for an adult Sunday School class
  • Make treats for grandparents
  • Make treats for a movie night
  • Make treats for Christmas goodie baskets

Are you wondering what goodies to make? I’ve found these to be the easiest and are typically kids’ favorites.

  • Cookies
  • Chocolate dipped pretzels
  • Chocolate dipped cookies
  • Mini muffins
  • Pretty much anything dipped in chocolate

Winter Break Baking with Kids AD


Winter Break Baking with Kids AD


When creating with kids in the kitchen, here are a few things to remember:

  • Leave the OCD hat at the door. Seriously, kids will get messy and the creation may not be how you would make it. But they need to experiment to learn, and their creation is beautiful to them!
  • Use this time to teach kids important kitchen and baking lessons.
  • Utilize wax and parchment paper to keep surfaces clean and to prevent dried chocolate from becoming cemented onto the counter.
  • Tell them that they are doing a great job!
  • Let the kids be creative.

Winter Break Baking with Kids AD

What is your favorite thing to create in the kitchen with kids?

If you are looking for a large variety of baking supplies, be sure to check out Baker’s Party Shop! I adore their selection of cookie cutters and sprinkles! Every time I visit their site, I want one of everything! From baking to packaging to gifting, Baker’s Party Shop has you covered!


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    Oh yeah, baking during Christmas break is always a fun thing to do with the kids. My youngest has his sights set on being on Chopped one day, lol, so I try to let him help me in the kitchen when he wants to. I love you idea of the pretzel sticks, so I’m Pinning and will definitely be making these this holiday :)

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