Will I Use a Cricut Enough to Justify the Price? {a common Cricut question}

One of the most common Cricut questions is, “Will I use a Cricut enough to justify the price?” I share my honest opinion today. This post contains affiliate links. 

Unfortunately in life, many things come down to money. This includes crafting. A Cricut is on many crafters’ wish lists, but it can be hard to spend that kind of money, especially for those with tight budgets. And it can be hard to pull the plug for those unsure of the answer to the question, “Will I use a Cricut enough to justify the price?”

I’m a craft blogger, so it is easy for me to say, “Yes!”

I know that this isn’t the answer for everyone. The truth is, there isn’t a definitive answer. It will vary for everyone. But here are a few considerations that will hopefully help in making this decision.

Will I Use a Cricut Enough to Justify the Price? {a common Cricut question}

Am I considering selling handmade items or opening an Etsy shop?

If you are considering selling handmade items or opening an Etsy shop and need to create vinyl iron-ons or stencils for painting signs, then a Cricut is beyond valuable! A Cricut is a relatively small expense when it comes to the total expenses of starting a business, and the machine will be a huge time saver. If you answered “Yes” to this question, then you will definitely use a Cricut enough to justify the price.

Do I craft several times a week?

If you enjoy card making, scrapbooking, and general crafting several times a week, then you will more than likely use the machine enough to justify the price.

Do I want to make personalized items for my home?

If you’ve ever priced personalized signs, pillows, or other home decor items, then you know that they are not cheap. For those who want to make personalized items for their home on a regular basis, I believe that they could recoup the cost of a Cricut Explore Air when compared to the price of purchasing these items from a shop or Etsy seller.

Do I want to make worded boutique style shirts for myself or my family?

Those boutique style shirts are so cute! Think “Mom’s Lucky Charm” for St. Patrick’s Day or “Hangin’ with My Peeps” for Easter. These personalized shirts are adorable for babies and kids! Make them for all the kids in their favorite colors for less than purchasing them in the store with a Cricut. If you’re a mom of several kids like me, and you make the whole crew shirts for several holidays, then the Cricut will pay for itself!

Do I have a school aged child?  

My daughter is in elementary school. We use the Cricut for her school projects about once a month. The Cricut Explore Air 2 comes in handy when creating headers for poster board projects. I believe that we will use it even more as she is in older grades, too.

That being said, unless your child is doing school projects multiple times a week, I do not necessarily think that school projects are justifiable alone for purchasing a Cricut.


The questions above are all reasons why I believe purchasing a Cricut would justify the price, especially for those who answer “Yes” to more than one. The decision to purchase a Cricut is truly personal. A hobby crafter who would only use the machine a time or two a month may still find the machine useful to create personalized meaningful projects. However, I have found that actually purchasing the machine makes crafters find reasons to use it because they want to feel that they have justified the price.


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