Why I Still Send Christmas Cards

In a digital age, I still choose to send Christmas cards. Thank you to Shutterfly for sponsoring today’s post!

I’ve read too many articles on how the practice of sending physical Christmas cards in the mail is outdated. I realize that we live in a digital age (heck, I’m a blogger and on social media daily), but there is still something special about sending and receiving a holiday greeting card that cannot be replaced by a Facebook greeting or a group text. I am sure there are plenty of people who disagree with me, but this December, I’ll head to the post office and drop a stack of cards in the mail to friends and family. And here are a few reasons why.

Why I Still Send out Christmas Cards AD


  1. The connection. Between multiple jobs and multiple kids, my husband and I lead very busy lives, and we don’t get to see friends and family as often as we would like. Sending holiday cards is a way for us to connect, even if it’s briefly.
  2. You’re on our mind. Yes, I may not get to see you as much as I like, but I do think about you and your family, and this card is my way of letting you know that.
  3. To touch bases. I always send photo cards. Part of this is because my kids are just so cute (I may be a bit biased), but I also want to give friends and family a visual that they are doing well. I have two sons with health concerns- one underwent chemotherapy treatment and kidney removal for Wilms tumor last year and one has a chronic brachial plexus injury- and my husband and I have so many friends and family who have prayed for our children and inquire about them often. All of these people are so special to us!
  4. Social media isn’t for everyone. I daresay that half of the people to whom I send cards have no Facebook account. We are a ministry family, and my husband ministers to people of all ages, and many of these are older people who do not use social media. Recently, I heard a friend (of similar age of myself) talk about how she wants to quit social media, but she’s hesitant because she’s concerned that she’ll not be updated from friends and family without Facebook. At face value, this may sound crazy, but it’s a legitimate concern. How many event invites have you received this year that came through Facebook? I bet it’s at least half! I realize that social media isn’t something that everyone uses, and I want to send a greeting to even those who do not use it for whatever their reason may be.
  5. I personally love Christmas cards. In our house, everyone knows that I loovvee Christmas cards. I like sending them and receiving them. I enjoy opening the mailbox and receiving that bit of happy mail. I like classic Christmas cards, and I like photo cards. I like them all! I display our cards on the door frame that leads from our living room to the dining room, and I look at them the entire holiday season. My personal affection and value for Christmas cards is part of what makes me want to send out cards, too.


I typically send out around 150-200 Christmas cards each year. The majority of these are photo cards. For the past several years, I’ve ordered my cards from Shutterfly. I can always customize my cards and find a design that works with the photos. Shutterfly has a wide selection of designs, ranging from religious to bright!

Why I Still Send out Christmas Cards AD


I went with two designs this year. I couldn’t make up my mind, so I went with both! One of the designs is Shutterfly’s new pop out card. The photo pops out so that recipients can keep the main photo without keeping the entire card (if they so choose).

Shutterfly pop out Card AD


So, tell me, do you send out Christmas cards each year?


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    I still send out Christmas cards each year. Its the personal thought and hand written wishes that mean the most. With each address I write, the person will know they were on my mind and not just a vision and click on a computer screen.

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    I still send them too! We have a lot of relatives that are not on social media who live out of state. So sometimes the Christmas card is the only updated picture they have unless we go and visit. I also always try to have my card be two-sided and have one family image that fills the whole page. I have had people use it as an updated picture of my family for their home.

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