Which Cricut Access Plan Is Right for Me?

Have you see the news? Cricut Access now has more subscriptions options! But if they have left you wondering, “Which Cricut Access Plan Is for Me?”, here are the ins and outs of the new plans! This post contains affiliate links. 

Undoubtedly, one of the most popular Cricut posts on my site is “Do I Really Need Cricut Access?“. New (and seasoned!) Cricut users wonder if Cricut Access is something that they need for crafting, and that post helps break down who may benefit from a Cricut Access subscription and who may not. For those who have chosen to subscribe to Cricut Access, you may have heard the news that Cricut now offers multiple plan options, leaving all of us Cricut Access users wondering, “Which Cricut Access plan do I need?”

Which Cricut Access Plan Do I Need? Get a breakdown of the different subscription plans and receive insight on which may be right for you!

Here’s the break down of each plan and what it includes.

Cricut Access Standard

  • Access to over 370 fonts and 30,000 images
  • Users may subscribe monthly ($9.99/month) or yearly ($95.88/yearly).
  • Save 10% off digital purchases in Cricut Design Space
  • Save 10% off of physical purchases (such as vinyl, card stock, etc.)

Cricut Access Fonts

  • Available in a monthly ($6.99/month) and yearly ($59.88/year) subscription
  • Subscribers have access to over 370 fonts in Cricut Design Space. This is actually the SAME amount of fonts that Cricut Access Premium and Cricut Access Standard subscribers may access.
  • No discount on purchases on Cricut.com or Cricut Design Space.
  • No free access to images other than the ones that are already free to everyone.

Cricut Access Premium

  • NO monthly subscription option. Users may only subscribe yearly at a rate of $119.88 per year.
  • Provides the same font and image access as Cricut Standard
  • Save 50% off of digital purchases in Cricut Design Space (except for major licenses such as Disney, etc.)
  • Save 10% off physical purchases (like vinyl, card stock, etc.)

So…..which one is for me (or you)?

Truthfully, this is up to each user. I currently have Cricut Access Standard. If I had to renew tomorrow, I would continue with the Cricut Access Standard.

For crafters who do a lot of hand lettered looking t-shirts or baby items, or who simply like many font options, I do think the Cricut Fonts is a good deal. This lower priced option allows those who like a variety of fonts but find that they do not use many images to save a few bucks and get only what they need.

Personally, I have found all the items that I need with Cricut Access Standard. I’ve never had to purchase an image. The Access Standard has plenty of variety for me. The primary difference between the Standard and Premium memberships appears to be the discount on digitial purchases. As I have not purchased any additional digital items since having the Cricut Access membership, I do not foresee myself purchasing enough in the future to balance out the price difference between the two plans.

Of course, this varies from user to user. If you have Cricut Access Standard and find yourself constantly still purchasing digital items, then you may want to consider upgrading.

I still consider the Cricut Access Standard plan to be the best for the frequent Cricut crafter.

What if I choose to upgrade or downgrade?

If you currently have Cricut Access Standard and decide to upgrade to Cricut Access Premium, the remaining portion of your current membership will be applied to the new membership.

If you currently have Cricut Access Standard and decide to downgrade to Cricut Fonts, any remaining value in the current membership will be applied to the Fonts membership.

**Remember! Any font or image that you use with the subscription plan is not yours to “keep.” If you decide to cancel the membership, access to those images or fonts goes away. The only way to “keep” them is to purchase them individually.

For new users who have not subscribed and are on the fence regarding if you even need Cricut Access at all, be sure to read my post “Do I Really Need Cricut Access?


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