What Really Happens at a Photo Session with Small Kids

A few weeks ago a Facebook status caught my eye. It was on a local fitness page that I follow, and one of the trainers on the page had posted something along the lines of (I paraphrase), “I just came back from a photo session with my one year old and feel like I ran a marathon!” Ok, I know that everything in life is all relative, and we base our experiences on our prior experience. So I’m sure that going from no kids to a mobile toddler for a photo session was a big change. I’m sure that I felt the same way when I had my oldest daughter, and if the triplets hadn’t fried my brain cells I could recall specific instances for you. But when I read that, the triplet mom part of me thought, “Girl, you don’t even know!” And then I had a flashback of last year’s photo session.

What Really Happens at a Photo Session with Small Kids

For those of you that don’t know, I take most of my kids’ photos. I like having lots of photos, so many that I can’t afford to hire a professional photographer every time I want to snap a cute pic of the kids. Last Christmas was no exception. I had this fantastic vision of an adorable Christmas card– the first one with our complete little family. After all, how difficult could it be to get a quick photo of four kids looking at the camera and smiling at the exact same moment?

Experienced moms feel free to laugh here.

Thankfully, due to extreme organization and photoshop skills, I managed to snap a card worthy photo in the first thirty seconds. Otherwise, I would have completely been out of luck. Having multiple kids has given me a new found respect for professional photographers. I now know that behind every awesome photo that I see of little families looking lovely in front of the camera is due to few lucky minutes, lots of bribes, and a photographer not afraid to hustle.

So, today, I thought I’d pause from the usual crafty posts and insert a little levity, as well as completely poke fun at my own naivety. If you’re a fellow mom of multiple small kids, I know you’ll relate. If you aren’t yet, well, then here’s something for you to look forward to. Enjoy the following break down of a photo session with small kids. And, yes, all my photos have a not-so-subtle watermark on them. No one is claiming this hot mess but me.


The Disintegration of a Kid Photo Session {in photos}


I did learn from my experience. This year, I devised a fool proof, genius way of getting all four kids to be looking at the camera at the same time for a Christmas card. It’s called a collage. Yep, take everyone’s picture individually and then collage those babies together. For a sneak peek of this year’s card, click {Here}.

I have to admit- as chaotic and non-photogenic as my life is at this stage, I wouldn’t change a thing. Because, the truth is, that first photo- the one at the top of the collage- is a wonderful memory. But the real life stuff is all the ones that follow. All the craziness, leaf eating, and Christmas carol singing are what make childhood memories.

Maybe I should put that on a Christmas card.


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