What Oven Bake Clay Supplies Should I Buy? A Beginner’s Guide

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Are you thinking of dabbling in oven bake clay crafts and projects? Are you unsure what items that you need to purchase? Read on for the very basics!


What Oven Bake Clay Supplies Should I Buy? A Beginner's Guide


I’ve always wanted to do oven bake crafts. But until recently, I felt a bit intimidated. I wasn’t sure where to begin or what to buy. I didn’t have a budget to purchase an entirely new set of crafting supplies. I just wanted the basics! I didn’t want to sink money into a bunch of items that I would never use, but I wanted to give oven bake clay projects a chance. If this sounds like you, here are the items that I discovered that gave me a good opportunity to experiment with oven bake clay without breaking the bank.



Well, yeah. This is a pretty obvious one! There are a few oven bake clay brands out there, but I’ve always used Sculpey. They have a wide color selection, and I’ve never had any issues using the clay. There are several varieties depending on the type of project that you want to do. Look for the labeling on the box to help you decide which variety is best for your project. For instance, in the photo below, you can see how the box labels the Sculpey Souffle variety as “lightweight clay perfect for jewelry making!”


What Oven Bake Clay Supplies Should I Buy? A Beginner's Guide




You’ll read many clay tutorials that use wax paper for completing projects. This works to an extent. The wax paper rolls up when you’re trying to roll out the clay. Even if you use something on the edges to weight it down, it still wrinkles and moves. This can be very annoying! For this reason, I’m placing the Sculpey Work ‘n Bake mat on the “must have” list. It has a no slip back, meaning you can place it on any work surface and roll your clay without the mat moving all over the place. The mat can go from the work space to the oven, so there is no need to try to pull up your perfectly cut project to transfer to a piece of parchment paper.

What Oven Bake Clay Supplies Should I Buy? A Beginner's Guide



I have the below Sculpey Essential Tool Kit, but there are really only a few items out of it that I use. I regularly use the clay roller, slicer blade, and needle. I use the clay roller for (obviously) rolling the clay to an uniform shape, the slicer blade to make clean cuts, and the needle to make holes for jewelry products. The decorative detail wheels are neat, but I can’t say that I’ve used them. If you have a few items at home that you can use to roll, slice, and make holes, then they will work well for clay projects. Just be sure that they are non-stick, and, remember, once you use items for clay that you cannot use them for food use. They will be clay items only from there on out!


What Oven Bake Clay Supplies Should I Buy? A Beginner's Guide



Clay cutters are wonderful for so many projects, and I count them as a must-have! Sculpey makes a large assortment of metal clay cutters that are fairly inexpensive. I use smaller ones for jewelry and larger ones for decor items. But you can use cheap plastic ones that you have around if you want something to just start out with the clay projects. Just, remember, once you’ve used the cutters for clay, don’t use them for food usage again.


What Oven Bake Clay Supplies Should I Buy? A Beginner's Guide


TEXTURE MAKERS- not necessary, but super cool!



Unless you only want smooth clay projects, these texture squares are awesome! I’ve used them on several jewelry pieces, and you can add metallic paint in the texture for a neat look.

What Oven Bake Clay Supplies Should I Buy? A Beginner's Guide


And that’s really it! Is the list shorter than you expected? In truth, to get started in oven bake clay crafting, you only need clay, something to roll it out, and items to make clean cuts. Once you have gathered those items, then you are ready to begin experimenting with making different jewelry projects and other shape items. Stay tuned for my 20 Beginner Projects with Oven Bake Clay series that is upcoming over the next few weeks for fun project ideas!

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