Watercolor Valentine’s Day Card

A class at Haven Conference introduced me to the relaxing art of watercolor painting. This Watercolor Valentine’s Day Card is a fun, 15 minute Valentine’s Day project. This post may contain affiliate links. 

We’ve had a snow day this weekend. At our house, snow days mean extra arts and crafts! My kids received watercolor Paint-By-Number books for Christmas that they love. I’ve been working on a new watercolor book myself– a Paint and Create watercolor art book.

Watercolor Valentine's Day Card

This kit is awesome! I adored dabbling in watercolors while at a class a Haven Conference, but I haven’t been able to practice them nearly as much as I would like. For me, this Paint and Create book makes it easy (especially for someone like me with little freehand painting ability).

Watercolor Valentine's Day Card



Cut one of the designs out of the Paint and Create book. Place it on the protected surface.

Watercolor Valentine's Day Card

Paint over the design with your choice of watercolor. Let dry completely (which doesn’t take very long).

Watercolor Valentine's Day Card

Apply glue all over the front of the card stock plain card surface. Adhere the dry watercolor piece to the front, pressing all edges firmly.

Watercolor Valentine's Day Card

If there is any overhang of the watercolor piece or a place where the card did not quite line up, trim it with a pair of scissors.


This kind of project is so quick and easy, you’ll find yourself making a special Valentine’s Day watercolor card for everyone! Try you hand at the Paint and Create books. This post is not sponsored by them in any way; I am simply a big fan of using them for watercolor projects as a beginner!


Thanks to Craft Lightning for allowing me to participate in their Valentine’s Day edition today!



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