Washi Tape Pumpkins with Washi Tape Crafts

I received a copy of Washi Tape Crafts in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own. Post contains affiliate links. 


Washi tape is one of the easiest craft mediums for beginner crafters. Washi tape is awesome to work with, it’s versatile, and it comes in so many awesome colors! In the craft store, the washi tape always catches my eye. From glitter to plain to patterned, washi tape can be used for gifts, holidays, or just about anything!

I’m not the only person who thinks this way. An awesome new book just hit the shelves, and the subject matter is all things washi tape! I’m happy to have the opportunity to have received a copy of the book to review. Washi Tape Crafts: 110 Ways to Decorate Just About Anything by Amy Anderson is a cute book that lives up to its name. From holiday projects to home decor to party items, Washi Tape Crafts is a neat book that will inspire readers to washi tape their house from top to bottom!

Washi Tape Crafts by Amy Anderson


For instance, did you know that you can washi tape your nails? Or create custom wall art with washi tape? Or use it to identify your keys? With a few standard craft supplies that I bet you have in your craft stash, Amy Anderson shows you how to washi tape all sorts of things that you never would imagine could be washi-d!


As I flipped through the book, one project in particular caught my eye. My kids have these mini pumpkins. The triplets have enjoyed them, if “enjoyed” means throwing them on the carpet to see if they will bounce. These poor pumpkins have so many dings and look rather pitiful.


Washi Tape Pumpkins


So when I found a washi tape pumpkin project, I knew that it would be a perfect solution to cover up a few of those dings so that I can continue using the pumpkins for decor (at least through Halloween). By following the instructions in the book, I had festive washi tape pumpkins in a matter of minutes!


Washi Tape Pumpkins  |  Use washi tape to dress up pumpkins with no carving



Washi Tape Crafts comes with 10 rolls of tape and 110 project ideas. It is  perfect for kids, teens, adults (and anyone with a rental apartment or dorm room). Place it on your Christmas wish list or order it on Amazon today!

Washi Tape Crafts by Amy Anderson



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