Washi Tape Diaper Pail

I’m in the process of decorating one of the nurseries. Yes, I had my babies several months ago. Yes, it’s taking me forever. But I’m getting to it, bit by bit. The other day I was staring at the nursery, trying to decide what to do next, when I noticed the Diaper Genie off to one side. A diaper pail is a necessary evil in a nursery. It keep the stinky diapers at bay, but it looks a little out of place and I’ve never seen anything other than a white diaper pail. Then it hit me- what can’t a diaper pail be an accent piece to the nursery decor? And what better to use to accomplish this task than washi tape?

As luck had it, Pick Your Plum had a great deal on washi tape within a few days. I ordered three rolls of orange and went to work. There’s no tutorial along with this- I mean, it’s just wrapping a diaper pail in colored tape. But the idea is totally genius, if I do say so myself.

Washi Tape Diaper Genie


  • Empty the diaper pail prior to starting. The lid may fly open and then you’ll find yourself dry heaving all over your beautiful washi tape.
  • Avoid the curves of the diaper pail by just covering sections as an accent.
  • Don’t get too crazy with the tape. This is an accent piece, after all.
  • If you want this to be permanent, maybe cover it with Mod Podge. Otherwise, just leave the tape as is. We pass baby items around in our family, and the next recipient may not want an orange diaper pail, so I left it alone.
  • I used a roll and a half for this project.

The great thing about this project is that washi tape is completely removable on this surface. If you don’t like it, or you want a new design for the next baby, take it off and do it again. So, there you go! Now go Rock those Diaper Genies!


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    Are Diaper genies really worth the money, unless you live at the top of a 3 story apartment without access to a trash can? Just wondering. Never bought one for a shower gift, since it seemed like a waste.


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