Washi Tape Bicycle Helmet for a {Princess}

I’m new to the washi tape scene. I’ve seen so many great projects all over blog land using it, but I’ve yet to dive in. Until now. And, of course, I couldn’t start with a small-washi-tape-a-pencil project. Nope, I had to go for the bicycle helmet.
Washi Tape Bicycle Helmet  |  Cover a free bike helmet in washi tape and embellish it to make it girly!


My inspiration came from Pinterest. I saw this pin a few week’s ago where Modcloth Blog had Mod Podged a bicycle helmet. If a helmet can be Mod Podged, why can’t it be Washi Taped? Exactly.
There is a short story behind this project. My Princess’ outgrew her new, barely worn helmet that I bought her in the fall. She obviously needs a new one. But I’m not one to pay full-price for something, especially something that I can get for free. We were able to get a free bike helmet at a children’s festival (many counties give out free helmets- check with your local safety/police office to see if you can snag one). However, for Princess, there is a small problem. Her old helmet is girly and super cute. The new helmet is plain Jane- definitely not fit for a Princess. See what I mean?
I wanted to re-style the helmet so that she would want to wear it. But I also wanted to use products that would not compromise the integrity of the helmet and could be removable should she decide in two weeks that she wants a purple helmet.
  • Two rolls of washi tape
  • Ribbon
  • Canvas Corp. canvas bow
  • Hot glue and hot glue gun
  • Optional: Mod Podge
I used washi tape from Target and started by covering the helmet with two layers of washi tape (the two layers made sure the red was covered). If you have problems getting the edges to stay down, you can apply a thin layer of Mod Podge over the final layer for security purposes. It will help the washi tape to last longer.
I let Princes pink out ribbon- of course she went for the girly pink and white polka dots. The ribbon is for a purpose other than looking cute- it helps the ends of the washi tape stay down, as well as the rough ends being covered. I hot glued it in place.
For the final touch, I added a hot pink canvas bow from Canvas Corp. on the back.
The project was a success for two reasons: a) Princess now has a helmet that she actually wants to wear, and b) it only cost around $3!


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    Oh my, this is so cute!! I LOVE washi tape! I just covered my cell phone in it last night.:) What a great idea to cover the helmet!

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    What a great idea! That turned out so cute! I love the flower you put on there as well. Thanks so much for entering this into the Project Pinterest Challenge. Best of Luck to you!


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