Valentine Bead Canvas

One of the best things about having a preschooler is that they adore holidays. As soon as Christmas was over, my little one began asking me about Valentine’s Day. So we had to break out the Valentine’s crafts. 

Our friends from had sent me a great tub of one pound beads to try out with my youth group girls. Unfortunately, this pregnancy has me home bound most of the time, but my daughter gets excited about beads, so we made Valentine Bead Canvases as a kick-off to our Valentine’s crafts.


  • Assorted beads, like {THESE} from
  • Plain canvases- we used the smallest size
  • Paint, optional
  • Craft glue for the little ones
  • Hot glue gun for the mom’s or much older kids
  • Stencil
  • Pencil

Begin by stenciling a design on the canvas. Since my daughter is small, we simply did a large heart. 

Paint the inside of the heart. This is optional, but I found that it is a nice way to add more color and dimension. Allow the paint to dry.

Glue the beads onto the canvas. Play around with the colors of the assorted beads and the layout on the canvas. There are so many varieties that can happen with this kids’ craft! Let the little ones use a craft glue. For the moms, hot glue works great, too. 

Let glue  dry.

Display the canvases with your Valentine’s decor or give as grandparent gifts!


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