Using Christmas Stationery for More Than Mail with Perfectly Personal™ Shutterfly Collections

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I can’t tell you how much I love sending and receiving Christmas cards. It has to be one of my top three things about the holiday. After Thanksgiving, my husband knows to let me visit the mailbox every day and to let me rip open the cards. Not many people know that I collect the Christmas cards that I receive. I actually tape them around the transition wall from our living room to our dining room. I’ve been a little disappointed over the past few years by the decreasing amount of Christmas cards that we’ve gotten in the mail. Since I look forward to getting them so much, I’ve actually asked around to friends about the reasoning behind dropping holiday cards from their Christmas tradition. As an avid Christmas stationery user, I was surprised at some of the answers. One friend told me that she always over-ordered cards, and then she was left with a big box of cards. Another old me that she never ordered anything other than cards because any “extras”, like stickers or address labels, were so season specific that couldn’t see spending the money on them. After thinking about this, I took it upon myself to figure out a few ways to stretch the uses of Christmas and holiday stationery for more than just mailing!

Using Christmas Cards for More Than Mailing {with Shutterfly} |

Personalized Postage is a fun addition to a holiday collection.

Using Christmas Stationery for More Than Mailing {with Shutterfly} |

But sending Christmas tree stamps in January or February is a little odd. I ordered Personalized Postage from Shutterfly this year, and they had several options that can work for year round. So, if you are afraid of ordering too many stamps for the season, choose a style and photo that works no matter the holiday!

Using Christmas Stationery for More Than Mailing {with Shutterfly} |

I’m a sucker for stickers and address labels. I have an address stamp and still order address labels!

Using Christmas Stationery for More Than Mailing {with Shutterfly} |

I order the stickers not only for the cards, but also for gifts. They make easy peel-and-stick gift tags. Just apply them to a gift box, use them on mason jar gifts, or stick them to teacher gifts as an easy gift tag!

Using Christmas Stationery for More Than Mailing {with Shutterfly} |

The main focus is always the holiday card. Previously, I would write a personalized message for the back or front of my card and carefully craft it for my card. Now, I leave my card short, sweet, and simple so that it can be useful for different situations. I’m going traditional and sending the Monogram Tree card and collection this year.

Using Christmas Stationery for More Than Mailing {with Shutterfly} |

By keeping my card basic, I can attach the card as a large gift tag on a box or use it as a traditional card!

Using Christmas Stationery for More Than Mailing {with Shutterfly} |

Now is the time to order Holiday Stationery that’s Perfectly Personal™ and customized for your needs! Whether you’re using cards in traditional ways or thinking outside the box, Shutterfly has hundreds of options from which to chose! If I hadn’t have chosen Monogram Tree, the Woodsy Joy flat card was my next collection of choice. It’s traditional with a modern spin, and I think it would be awesome in Signature cardstock or pearl shimmer cardstock!  The Perfectly Personal™ Solution sets provide options for party invitations, holiday greetings, address labels, stickers, and personalized postage stamps.

Woodsy Joy Christmas Card


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    So many great ideas! I absolutely love the postage stamp. I had no idea you could do that! (Of course, to use a stamp, that would mean I would have to plan ahead enough to actually get cards out on time! I’ve emailed New Year cards the past few years.)


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