Triplet Update: The First Trimester

It’s been a while since I’ve posted these:
All of my intentions to post regular update haven’t came to fruition, so perhaps periodic updates will be doable. I’m past the first trimester, so here’s a First Trimester summary:
  • The first trimester mainly consisted of soaking in the information. Being told you’re having spontaneous triplets is slightly inconceivable, so the hubby and I took the first trimester to research and read. 
  • The odds of conceiving spontaneous triplets are 1 in 8100. Is it time to play the lottery?
  • Telling our family was fun. I think the hubby is disappointed that there are not many people left to tell. He enjoyed seeing the look of shock cross people’s faces. 
  • I feel lucky to have had a fairly uneventful first trimester. I’ve worked my normal hours and done my usual activities for the most part (outside of going to bed earlier). I’ll be pleased if the remainder of the pregnancy goes half as well!
  • By the end of the trimester, I had already outgrown my regular shirts (with the exception of t-shirts) and had moved on to maternity shirts.
  • The hubby and I have been cautiously optimistic and have been checking out Craigslist for good multiple baby deals.
I’ll try to post more often, and maybe even work up the nerve for a picture. If you have any questions about what it’s like to be pregnant with triplets, ask away and I’ll try to answer!

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    I never caught on with the triplets thing. You must be incredibly nervous! Three babies at once, sounds like a handful… and you only have two hands! I’m sure you’ll do great though. :)

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    That’s amazing! ARe you going to find out what you are having, I am asking because I have a friend that has triplet girls that are older, thinking maybe she has stuff to get rid of! :-) Congratulations!

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