Simple Tips for Organizing a Small desk Space

Thank you to Wallternatives for providing the decal for today’s Simple Tips for Organizing a Small Desk Space.

I have this super small roll top desk that is in a little nook right outside of my kitchen. Originally, the idea was to have the desk there for me to keep up with bills and things that needed to be mailed. Then life happened, and the desk became a catch-all for any item that the rest of the family didn’t know where to put. My small desk suddenly could star in it’s own episode of Hoarders. After loosing an important envelope, I decided that I had enough and would get my small desk organized. And while these may obvious, here are 4 Simple Tips for Organizing a Small Desk Space that I learned from my little weekend project.

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It only takes a few days for a small area to accumulate a big mess. Whether you’re organizing a personal family desk space, a child’s desk, or a desk at college, it’s common for desk areas to the messiest in a room. Desks are wonderful because they can hold an assortment of items, but this also makes them a target for unnecessary materials that accumulate over time. Can you spot all the items in this photo that don’t belong?

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#1 Remove everything from the desk that doesn’t belong.

Watch out. There’s no telling what you’ll find. Somehow, on my desk, I discovered a tube of lipstick, socks, a baby suctioner, a rectal thermometer, and an astounding four books. I didn’t even think my little desk would hold four books.

Simple Tips for Organizing a Small Desk Space from

Simple Tips for Organizing a Small Desk Space from

Simple Tips for Organizing a Small Desk Space from

The good news is that I actually found THREE gift cards that I had forgotten that we had. Hey, even if we didn’t do anything else to the desk space, just by cleaning it up the hubby and I can go on a free date night, buy a few groceries, and get a free ticket to the circus.

#2 Take inventory of needed supplies.

Every desk space has certain office supply items that make it necessary to do official desk business. For instance, everyone needs pens at their desk. And, for goodness sakes, a pen holder shouldn’t be without pens.

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Do you frequently use highlighters, sharpies, or colored pens? Do you need tape or scissors constantly? Make a list of everything that you need in arm’s reach for your desk area.

#3 Place only necessary items on desk.

This sounds like common sense, but in order to keep down clutter in a small space, less is definitely more. If you’ve bought a pack of new pens, don’t place all ten of them on the desk! I like to have my blog/family planner and my address book close by, so I leave more space for those items. I also keep envelopes and our address stamp handy. Along with this also comes removing unnecessary items when you find them on the desk. Otherwise, the stash will build up again in a very short course of time.

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#4 Stay on track with a daily reminder system.

While I look at my planner every day, my hubby and daughter do not. Instead of answering the question, “What’s on the agenda today?” seven times, I’ve solved the problem with a To-Do List Chalkboard Vinyl Wall Decal from Wallternatives. Easy to apply and remove with no sticky residue, ChalkTalkā„¢ Chalkboard Decals feature a slight surface texture that makes them perfect surface for writing or drawing on it with chalk. Wallternatives has lots of designs from which to chose– including a menu board and a weekly schedule combo! Many of their products are great for college dorms, too.

Simple Tips for Organizing a Small Desk Space from ItHappensinaBlink.comThe ChalkTalkā„¢ Chalkboard Decals wipe clean with an eraser, damp towel or sponge, and I can add our daily activities in a central viewing area so that everyone is aware of the plans for the day as soon as they awaken.

It’s amazing what just an hour and a half of work will do for a small desk space. And I’m left with a feeling of accomplishment at finally being able to work at my desk.

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  1. sari says

    I really love that you explain HOW to organize a space!!! It seems on most organizing sites there are just pictures of an organized person’s space. They never tell you HOW they do it…we only see that they do! Obviously those of us who have organization challenges would have our homes looking like theirs if only we knew how. So, thank you for showing us, HOW! LOL

  2. says

    Melanie, you did a GREAT job organizing your small desk! I LOVE the chalk board wall decal….so much more style than just a typical chalk board and a great way to visually have a reminder of what’s important for the day!

  3. says

    I love the chalk board decal above the desk! I often write things in my planner and then forget to check the planner again. :( But being able to write it on the chalk board too would be helpful. Great tips and ideas, heaven knows I need all the organizational help I can get. lol

  4. says

    Great tips! Your desk looks great! And thank you for the before photos…I definitely have surfaces in my house {and car} that look just like it; I appreciate your honesty! Makes me feel like I’m not alone, haha.

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