Upcycled Tissue Box

The Great Bathroom remodel is done, for the most part. Now the hubby’s work is done and mine is starting- the decorating. I feel like a have quite a task ahead of me. The extent of my bathroom decorating skills is usually a soap dish, blinds, and- if you’re lucky- some sort of almost-matching hand towel. So if anyone has any bathroom decorating ideas, I’d love to hear them.

Upcycled Tissue Box

I did come across this tissue box at our local thrift store a few weeks ago. I have never bought or owned a tissue box cover in my life, but I liked the stainless steel detail on the top and the fact that it still had the $19.99 price tag from Bed Bath and Beyond. I only paid a dollar. It’s black on the bottom, so it doesn’t match a single room in our house, but I determined that for a dollar, I would do something with it. So I made an Upcycled Tissue Box.

The finish on the outside was too smooth. I roughed it up with sandpaper first.

Next, I taped out the stainless steel portion. I whipped out the paint that we were using on the walls and painted the black part of the box. Have I mentioned how much I love the Behr Paint and Primer in One? It not only allowed for quick coverage on our bathroom walls, but the tissue box only took one coat of paint.

I removed the blue painter’s tape. But even with using a utility knife, the paint still peeled back a tiny bit. It was enough that it was noticeable, but too large for a brush to cover it up without paint getting all over the stainless steel.

I opened my craft supply cabinet to get some inspiration on how to doctor this poor tissue box, and I saw a strand of white beads that I bought at the same thrift store about 2 months ago. I purchased them just because they were 50 cents, but didn’t have any use for them- until now!!

I used my hot glue gun to glue the beads around the top of the tissue box. The beads hid the paint oopsie’s perfectly! I may never use the tissue box as more than decoration- but at least I can say I have one Glammed Up decoration in my bathroom now!

Tissue Box Upcycled


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    I am just learning how much a coat of paint changes stuff, AND how much stuff you can change with a coat of paint. It’s AWESOME. I love the tissue box. :)

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