Thread Spool Necklace

While devising projects for my Quick Jewelry series, I ran across these wooden spools. I’ve had them for over a year. They’ve sat in my craft room under a pile of papers. My original intention for them was for photo props, but I’ve never used them for that. So when I stumbled across them, a great idea hit me. If yarn makes cute jewelry, why can’t thread? I thought that I had a super original idea, but a quick Google search told me that great minds think alike. And apparently there are more great minds than I thought. I saw this tutorial from Tea Rose Home, which was very similar to my idea, and other tutorials that had a different spin like this one from My So Called Crafty Life . The version in my head wasn’t exactly like either one of those, and it’s more fall-inspired. Using craft supplies that I already had in my stash, this Thread Spool Necklace makes a cute statement piece.

Thread Spool Necklaces  |  ItHappensinaBlink,com



  • Small wooden spools in 2 sizes- 1 larger one and 2 smaller ones- I purchased mine from Pick Your Plum, but I found (aff link) these on Amazon.
  • Thread in desired colors
  • Ad tech hot glue gun and hot glue
  • Scissors
  • Elastic cording  (Mine are from
  • Wooden beads  (Mine are from

Thread Spool Necklaces  |  ItHappensinaBlink,com

Begin by adhering the thread to the spools. Use a very small smear of hot glue on the spool. Wrap the thread around the spool until the spool is covered. Secure it with another smear or hot glue. The word “smear” is literal here. Too big of a clump of hot glue will stick out like a sore thumb!

Thread Spool Necklaces  |  ItHappensinaBlink,com

Cut two lengths of elastic 24″ long. I’m using 2 strands to add additional support to the beads. The 24″ length is an approximate number. Cut smaller or longer according to the length desired, just be sure to leave a bit of overage at the end for knotting and trimming.

Thread the largest spool onto the strands. Add a wooden bead to each side.

Thread Spool Necklaces  |  ItHappensinaBlink,com

Add the other spools, one on each side, as well as another wooden bead on each side.

Thread Spool Necklaces  |  ItHappensinaBlink,com

Continue adding wooden beads until the necklace is the appropriate length. Knot several times at the end and trim the ends. Arrange the beads to cover the knot.

Thread Spool Necklaces  |  ItHappensinaBlink,com

This would make a great gift for the sewing lover in your life!


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