The Triplets First Visit to McDonald’s

While they had been through the drive thru several times, we finally got around to taking our crazy crew into McDonald’s for the first time this week. Thank you to McDonald’s for sponsoring today’s post. All opinions are my own. 


Until our trip to Give Kids the World earlier this year, I’m not sure that the triplets had ever been into a restaurant. They may have been once as babies in the carriers, but not since. Sound crazy? Maybe, but taking energetic triplet boys, well, anywhere, is daunting. I get several queries from multiple moms regarding different topics, and I thought that surely another triplet mom somewhere out there has to be wondering, “How can I make our first restaurant experience smoother?”


This past week, my husband and I took the boys into a McDonald’s for the very first time. It brought back a few of the thoughts that I had when we took them to a restaurant for the first time while in Florida this year. I thought I would share a few Tips for Taking Multiples to a Restaurant for the first time while they are fresh on my mind.


Pick a place that’s kid friendly. 

Some places are not kid friendly. You know where they are!


Try not to go during peak times. 

We’ve eaten dinner at 4pm before just to beat the crowds. During our trip this week to McDonald’s, we went around 6:15 pm, and there was no line or crowd.

Tips for Taking Multiples to a Restaurant


Take a distraction. 

It doesn’t matter if you have to wait just 5 minutes for food, kids (especially hungry toddler ones) get antsy easily. Sometimes I’ll take along the kids’ tablets or another small toy. Of course, at McDonald’s you can get the always coveted Happy Meal that comes with a toy.


Try to pick a place with variety. 

Some people think that when you have multiples, that they all like the same things. Well, just as kids who are different ages like different things, multiples have variant likes, too! Up until a few months ago, one of the triplets wouldn’t eat chicken nuggets. Isn’t that, like, a kid food staple?? But even he has warmed up to the new Chicken McNugget recipe at McDonald’s. Made with no artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors, the new recipe was a hit with the boys. They ate all of their McNuggets and apples in just a few minutes. My daughter says that the new McNuggets seem to have less breading on them and more meat. I’m not 100% sure if that’s a fact, but she’s an unofficial nugget expert, so she should know.


Chicken McNuggets


Never underestimate the power of a treat. 

I’m a firm believer that kids should obey and behave in a restaurant because it’s the right thing to do, but when they are learning the appropriate way to act in a restaurant, the promise of a little treat can go a long way.


A special thanks to McDonald’s for hosting my crazy crew to try their Chicken McNugget recipe. The boys had dinner, smeared ice cream all over their faces, and met new friends. It was a fun time!

McDonald's AD


McDonald's AD


Have you tried the new McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets? They’re also made with 100% white meat chicken and are a part of McDonald’s over-arching “food journey.” With a switch to 100% pure beef in their hamburgers, a commitment to cage-free eggs by 2017, upgraded salad greens, and sustainably sourced espresso beans, McDonald’s has decided that Simpler is Better! Let me know if you try the McNuggets and what you think.

McDonald's Simple is better AD


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  1. Erica Schwarz says

    Wow triplets! I have a hard time dealing and my 2 kids are 8 years apart lol. Sure looks like you all had fun :)

  2. says

    I actually love taking my kids to McDonalds! I love it more now that they have upgraded a lot of the ones in my area too! They have a large variety and their kids menu is awesome!

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