Simple Paper Plate Noah’s Ark

After covering the Creation, the Garden of Eden, the fruit, and the snake, the next logical story in the Craft Through the Bible series is Noah’s Ark! I thought long and hard about a craft for the Bible passages on Cain and Abel, but I honestly could not think of a good craft that would portray the memorable parts of the story to the younger kids that we  are targeting in these crafts. If you have an idea for a Cain and Abel craft, let me know. I may backtrack and come up with something, but for now we are headed into Noah’s Ark.


Simple Paper Plate Noah's Ark


This is a very Simple Paper Plate Noah’s Ark craft. There will be a rainbow one to come– this craft focuses more on the ark itself and the animals. Feel free to spruce it up with color.




Paint the paper plate brown. Let it dry completely.


Cut out the sides of the plate to turn the plate into an ark shape.

Simple Paper Plate Noah's Ark


Using the stamps, stamp various animals on the card stock circles. Stamp 2 of each animal on matching card stock circles. I’m using the below stamping essentials from PSA Essentials, but feel free to use whatever that you may have on hand. If you are looking for a stamp set in which in invest, PSA Essentials has awesome stamps that are Peel & Stick– only one stamp body and various sheets of stamps to add to the stamp body.

Simple Paper Plate Noah's Ark


Simple Paper Plate Noah's Ark


Glue the circles on the plate. If desired, punch a hole in the top of the ark and add string for hanging.

Simple Paper Plate Noah's Ark


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