{Quick} Turkey Bowling- plus a free turkey pattern

Sometimes, you just need an easy, quick game to entertain a few pre-schoolers. Initially, I made this game as an intro into our Thanksgiving lesson for Children’s Church. They were having so much fun that I literally had to hide the game to get them to focus. So for an easy, hit game for Thanksgiving, here are my fast instructions for Turkey Bowling. 

  • Brown construction paper
  • Colored construction paper (for feathers)
  • A glue stick
  • Hot glue/ hot glue gun
  • Empty plastic drink bottles (such as soda bottles, milk bottles from fast food restaurants, etc.)
  • A small ball
Print the turkey pattern. Then cut the pieces from construction paper. I cut one turkey body, and four turkey feathers, but print as many as you like. 

Arrange the turkey feathers on the turkey and glue them on the back. 

Take the plastic bottles and remove the wrapper. Hot glue the turkey onto the bottle. 

Make as many of the turkey bottles as needed. I think that there are normally 10 pins in a bowling game, but pre-schoolers have no idea, so make as many as they will enjoy knocking down. :)

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