My {Totally Fake} Adjustable Crib Skirt

There are probably very few of you out there who haven’t heard I’m having triplets. Eek!! Their arrival is getting so close! Everything is pretty much done except for the nursery bedding. That’s a story within itself- have you seen how expensive crib bedding can be? I’m not opposed to buying used at a consignment sale or something, but I (of course) want bedding that matches. My chances of finding matching bedding are slim. And I want specific colors (you would think that I wouldn’t be picky at this point), so that makes it even harder. Good thing I know how to sew. 

Today I’m cheating. I’ve started with the crib skirts, and I’ve simplified them to the point that I should be ashamed of myself. I’m not even sure that they can be called “real” crib skirts. Yeah, they are totally fake. I’ve seen posts like {THIS ONE} that use ribbon, but I thought velcro may hold better, so here is my {fake} version.

  • A twin or full flat sheet in the desired color. This is for a baby’s room, so be selective with the sheet (skip the yard sale ones and go brand new or one that you have and know where it came from)
  • Matching thread
  • Sewing machine
  • 1/2″ or 3/4″ velcro- around 30″ length strip
  1. Using a sheet makes this project SUPER easy. Utilize the side and bottom hems to keep from having to sew a bunch of hems.
  2. Only make as many panels as you need. For instance, the back and one side of my cribs are against the wall, so no one will see those sides. Therefore, I only made two crib skirt panels. 
  3. The most irritating thing about crib skirts is that, once the baby grows and the mattress is lowered, the crib skirt just sags on the ground. The method for this skirt allows the crib skirt to be adjusted according to the height of the crib mattress.
FOR FRONT OR BACK PANELS: Measure across the crib bottom to get the length of the front of the crib. Also measure the height from the mattress to the floor. 

FOR SIDE PANELS: Measure across the crib side to get the length of the side of the crib. Also measure the height from the mattress to the floor (the height measurement should be the same as the front height measurement).

Calculate the crib skirt panel measurements:
FRONT PANEL= Add one inch to the length measurement. Add two inches to the height measurement. Write down these calculations. 
SIDE PANELS= Add one inch to the length measurement. Add two inches to the height measurement. Write down these calculations. 

Good news? That was the hardest part :).

Begin by washing the sheet. Spread it out flat on the floor. Cut the front panel using the calculated measurements. Cut the side panel using the calculated measurements. If you are making a back panel or another side panel, cut these now, as well. Be sure to use the hems already in place on the sheet. Done correctly and you will not have to sew a bottom hem.

I started with the side panels, just because they are smaller. The bottom hem should already be sewn (from the sheet). For the short side seams, press under 1/2″ and pin in place. Fold under 1/4″ of the raw edge of the material and pin again in place. Stitch in place. Do this with the short sides of each panel. If you were able to utilize the hems on the sheet, you may not have to do every short side. 

Now go up to the top (and only remaining raw edge). Press under 1/2″ and pin in place. Fold under 1/4″ of the raw edge of the material and pin again in place. DO NOT SEW YET.

Take out the velcro and cut 2 and 1/4″ pieces. I cut 5 pieces for the side panels and 10 for the front panel. 

Pin 5 pieces of velcro across the top of the side panel (the unsewn, pinned part). I placed a piece at each end, one in the middle, and two in between the middle and the ends. 

Be sure to pin the velcro pass the portion that is folded under. When sewing the seam, you want to make sure that the velcro catches in the seam.
Sew across the seam, catching the velcro in the stitches. I reinforced the velcro by backstitching over it a few times. 
Cut all loose threads. 
Repeat this with all remaining panels. 
Once the panels are completed, take them to the crib. Use the velcro to attach the crib skirt panels to the metal wires (or whatever they are) under the mattress. 

Adjust the panels to the desired height. Getting the panels right around the corners may be tricky, depending on how your crib is made, but a little adjusting will make them correct. 

Congrats! You’ve completed your (totally fake) crib skirt. Save the rest of the sheet for other crib bedding- I’m hoping to have more tutorials for you soon. :)


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    This is so smart!! I HATE the crib skirt in my daughter’s bed – mainly because, even though you get it all evened out, by the time you shove the mattress back into the crib, it has invariably shifted and the white part is showing on one of the sides already. And yes, it drags on the floor now that we have it on the lowest level. Brilliant! And I LOVE your colors. 😉

  2. says

    Love that you found the tutorial helpful. I totally should’ve done a bed sheet! The ribbon method still holds up pretty well, but I’m curious to know how the velcro works. Good luck with those babies :)

  3. says

    First, at least you bothered to put in a crib skirt. My sons crib is definitely skirt free…not even the lazy kind.

    Second, this is an awesome idea and I LOVE that you gave such great directions. Thanks :)

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    What a great idea, all dust ruffles make me a little crazy, maybe i need to make them all this way hmmm. So cute, and great idea, I think homemade bedding always looks better!


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