My Pumpkin Turned Into a Snowman

Cinderella’s pumpkin turned into a lovely carriage, but mine transformed into something a little more frosty. Have you ever had a pumpkin that just wouldn’t die??? It was almost Thanksgiving, and, to be totally honest, I was past the pumpkin-is-awesome stage. I plopped this pumpkin out in the hot southern sun and waited for it to start turning soft so that I wouldn’t feel guilty for rolling it down in the gully by our house. After all, pumpkins are too expensive to throw out when they are still perfectly good. And we already had plenty of seeds from other pumpkins. Then the most exasperating thing occurred. IT JUST WOULDN’T DIE!

The clock fast forwarded quickly, and it’s two weeks before Christmas. My pumpkin with seven lives is still going strong on the front porch with no soft spots to be found. It’s looking particularly awesome next to my bright red Christmas wreath. I found myself staring at it a few hours before we were expecting a crowd for a Christmas party.

“Mom, are your going to roll it down the hill?” my daughter asked.

“Nope,” I replied. “If it wants to live this badly, the we are going to turn it into something that matches the season.”

And we did.

With a bit of spray paint and outdoor acrylic paint, my daughter and I turned the pumpkin into snowman front porch decor. It’s the first week in January now, and the pumpkin is still smiling at visitors when they arrive. Now, I want to see exactly how long I can get it to last!


Pumpkin Painted to a Snowman


I sprayed painted the pumpkin white and let it dry completely.

Pumpkin Painted to a Snowman


Next, I let my daughter use outdoor acrylic paint to add a nose, eyes, and mouth. We also painted to stem of the pumpkin black.


It dried quickly in the sun and was ready for our party that evening!


Pumpkin Painted to a Snowman


What is the longest that you have ever had a pumpkin last? Do you have any creative ideas on how to upcycle one?


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