My 7 Minute Shower Door Cleaning Routine

Thank you to OXO for providing the bathroom tools for today’s post! All opinions and the 7 Minute Shower Door Cleaning Routine are my own.

The triplets are pretty generous. They’ll let me do anything that I want for at least ten minutes before breaking into a fight that needs a referee. I can get anything done around the house as long as it’s in 10-15 minute spurts. If your shower door is like mine, it needs much more than 10 minutes to get clean. For some reason, the shower door gets dirtier faster than the rest of the shower. Before I know it, the door is gross and needs cleaning attention. I’ve been trying to accommodate my lack of time with the fact that my shower door desperately needs a good scrubbing. Enter the 7 Minute Shower Door Cleaning Routine.

My 7 Minute Shower Door Cleaning Routine #ad

I’m not a very strong gal, and typically I have to scrub the shower door with more muscle that I actually possess. I’m happy to report that with this cleaning routine, I don’t have to scrub at all!

Here are the items that I use for this 7 Minute Shower Door Cleaning Routine. I’m featuring the items that I received from OXO to try out this month!

  • Homemade cleaner- I make my own cleaner with equal parts WARM vinegar and dishwashing liquid. Mix it up in a spray bottle, and you have your own high powered cleaning solution.
  • A Squeegee
  • OXO Extendable Tub and Tile Scrubber

My 7 Minute Shower Door Cleaning Routine #ad

Begin by spraying the homemade cleaner on the shower door. Let it sit for a minute or two.

Wipe the solution over the shower door with the Extendable Tub and Tile Scrubber. The Extendable Tub and Tile Scrubber makes shower cleaning easy because it extends from 26″ to 42″ with a quick twist. The head pivots for cleaning at different angles, making it great for getting in shower door crevices.



My 7 Minute Shower Door Cleaning Routine #ad

Rinse the shower door. We have a removable hand shower head, so it’s easy to take it off, hop in the shower, and spray the door down. Remove the excess water with the squeegee. The OXO Wiper Blade Squeegee has a precision edge for drying the shower door with no streaks.

My 7 Minute Shower Door Cleaning Routine #ad

And that is seriously it! I cleaned my shower door before the boys even knew that I had left the room.

My 7 Minute Shower Door Cleaning Routine #ad

In fact, I had some extra time to spruce up my bathroom with a new OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Big Bin Shower Caddy.

OXO Shower Caddy #ad

This thing holds a ton! The hubby and I have separate shower caddies now. Of course, the new one is all mine. I need lots of space for all my shower gels and shampoos. It hangs securely over the shower head, and the suction cups completely steady it on the shower wall.

OXO Shower Caddy #ad

I also added an OXO Stainless Steel Toilet Brush and Canister Set, as well as an OXO Stainless Steel Toilet Plunger and Canister Set, to the bathroom. The plunger is a nice compromise between me and the hubby. It looks nice but is still functional. It makes the homemaker within me and the plumber within him very happy!

OXO Stainless Steel Toilet Plunger #ad

What is your shower cleaning routine? Do you have any tips and tricks you’d like to share that makes your life easier?


  1. says

    Love the simplicity. You just reminded me that I have to get a shower caddy. The side of my tub is starting to get a bit crowded. That thing looks like it can hold a car! Which is just what I need.

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. says

    I love that such a thorough cleaning can be accomplished in such a short period of time!! I always think I don’t have “time” to clean the shower 😉

  3. says

    I love how simple this is — but what a huge impact! I love our shower caddy.. I am going to have to check out the Good Grips as well for our shower.

  4. Daniel says

    Thanks for the great ideas| What percentages do you use? Like 2 drops of dish soap in a quart of vinegar? I don’t want to create a bubbly mess but I also want to be sure I am using enough because my door REALLY needs a good cleaning. How do you warm the vinegar? Should it be just lukewarm or seriously warm?

  5. says

    Hi, in The Netherlands we buy our OXO stuff at But there is only a part of the assortment available in Europe. The toilet set is very nice, but not (yet) available here. I hope it will come soon.

  6. says

    It’s awesome how you manage to clean the shower door. I am always spending a lot of time trying to get brilliant results! Thanks a lot for sharing your cleaning tips, they are extremely helpful!


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