Learning Lessons with Preschool Dough Balls

This is a little preschool project that I shared a few weeks ago over at Seven Alive. I thought it would be nice to re-share it during Kids’ Kitchen Week!

Today I’m sharing a little project that I did with my daughter, the Sunday School class that I teach, and a Children’s Church class that I teach. The “recipe” was a big hit, and I was excited by the teachable moment that comes along with it. While the summer is about fun in the sun, I want to share an activity that can be used to educate kids on a few different applications.

This recipe is perfect for little hands. I allowed the children to “help” pour the ingredients into the bowl and stir. I then gave them each a handful to experiment making dough balls. This is also a great tactile project. Many of the students wanted to take the dough home with them!

2 cups flour
1 teaspoon salt
2/3 cup oil
5 tablespoons of water

Mix the flour and salt in a bowl. And the oil and water. Invite the children to help stir or mix with their hands. Allow the children to to shape the dough into balls. 

For our class, the purpose of the illustration was to talk about Elijah and the widow woman from I Kings 17:1-15. This activity opened up a dialogue with the students about flour, oil, dough, and being hungry.  Here is a picture of whole dough ball mixed:

When I got home, I baked the dough balls to see what  would happen. They didn’t change out of their shape much, but they did bake up nicely, but with a very bland taste. 

I like that this activity can have other applications, as well. Use it to talk about other kids who may not have the food resources that you or or children have. Bake the dough balls and demonstrate how some families may have to struggle with whatever food they have on hand to have enough to eat, even if it isn’t the best tasting. 

Recipe from Bible-in-Life Preschool curriculum from David C. Cook, June-August 2012.

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