Kid’s 3D Art Canvas

Have you ever noticed that kids are natural mixed media specialists? Cheerios and paint. Buttons and glue. There are no two (or three or four) combinations that don’t go together! Mine do this with food, too. I keep finding Fruit Loops floating in sippy cups. And I caught my daughter dripping water into her mac and cheese to “cool it off.” When it comes to crafting, she has the same mindset. Everything just goes together. So when we received our latest fun package from, my daughter was excited to put much of it to good use….all in one craft!

Kid's 3D Canvas Art from It Happens in a Blink


Kids' 3D Canvas Art Supplies from It Happens in a Blink

Begin by painting a sky and grass on the canvas. The particular paint that we are using is permanent, so be careful with clothing if using this type of paint. Let dry.

 Kids' 3D Canvas Art from It Happens in a Blink

Add accents, like a sun or clouds. Let dry.

Add 3D Art Canvas elements. Foam stickers, fuzzy sticks cut to size, and craft buttons are awesome things to use that you may already have around the house.

 Kids' 3D Canvas Art from It Happens in a Blink

Here’s to a fun, boredom free summer!

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    How fun! We love crafting with CraftProjectIdeas supplies. Your canvas turned out beautiful! The pipecleaner steams are so clever!

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