Ideas to Keep Jesus the Focus of Christmas for Kids

Read on for a few Ideas to Keep Jesus the Focus of Christmas for Kids. Thank you to DaySpring for sending a Shepherd on the Search set for my kids to review and use this holiday season. This post may contain affiliate links. 

Between treats, presents, and Santa, even the most church-going kiddos can lose sight of Jesus in the hustle and bustle of Christmas. I feel my challenge (and duty) as a mother is to help them focus on the true meaning of Christmas in the midst of it all. I still have small kids at home (preschool and elementary aged), and we will be trying these below ideas to keep Jesus the focus of Christmas this year!

Ideas to Keep Jesus the Focus of Christmas for Kids AD


-A faith based advent calendar. This DIY Christmas Tree Advent Calendar idea has daily prompts for things to be thankful for or things to pray for. With just a few supplies, it is fairly easy to make!

-Make faith based ornaments for the tree. Many arts and craft stores sell cross ornaments that can be matched to any holiday decor, and this Nativity Ornament is great for kids!

-Get involved with church Christmas events. Many churches have Christmas events outside of the normal Sunday or Wednesday evening services. Find a local church and view a live nativity or see a play during the week or on a Saturday.

-Read the Christmas story more than just on Christmas Day!

-Give and donate. Kids learn by example. Get them involved in donating to local charities or maybe purging their toy box to donate to a mission-based thrift store.

-Bake cookies or goodies for the neighbors and friends. I started this tradition last year. My daughter and I bake cookies for the neighbors and wrap them up nicely. Then, we head around the street and hand them out. My daughter loved this and has already asked me about doing it again this year!

-Join The Shepherd on the Search. This is a new tradition for our family. The Shepherd on the Search is a beautiful, colorful book that tells the story of the shepherds searching for baby Jesus. The set comes with a plush Shepherd. Each night, hide the shepherd at night and let the kids search for him the next morning. Use the book each night as a reminder of the true meaning of Christmas. My kids were excited to receive this in the mail. They have still not agreed on what to name him yet. I’ll let you know what they decide!

Ideas to Keep Jesus the Focus of Christmas for Kids AD


Ideas to Keep Jesus the Focus of Christmas for Kids AD


How do you keep Jesus the focus of Christmas for kids?

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