I Love You…..Canvas Valentine’s Day Gifts

This is the first year my Princess has been into Valentine’s Day. We made her class some cute Valentine’s cards, so then it was time to turn to the Grandmothers. I figured the grandfathers would do for the sucker cards, but grandmothers sometimes like the sentimental stuff more.
I have to thank my friend from Natalee’s dance class- Raquel- for this one. She mentioned seeing something on Pinterest about creating a heart with your little one’s hands and feet. I couldn’t find the pin she was talking about, so I decided to create my own. I’ve also been wanting to do the black and white photo on canvas but hadn’t yet, so I threw that in the mix, too.
The steps are fairly simple. I dipped Princess’ hands and feet in paint, then had her press them onto the canvas. The palms of her hands are the top of the heart, and the heels of her feet are the bottom of the heart.
Around the sides I painted the phrase- “I love you from the bottom of my heart to the tips of my toes.”
And then I Mod Podged a black and white photo of her up top.
I used a 11×14 canvas, and was surprised that I almost filled it.
I hope the grandmother’s like their Valentine’s memorabilia!
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    My kids are beyond this now but I just ran across some of their Mom’s day artwork last week. I didn’t keep them all but I kept a few and I’m so glad I did. It goes quickly I am now realizing. Enjoy yours.
    Thanks for sharing on BeColorful

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    So sweet! Thanks so much for linking this up with Mop It Up Mondays at i should be mopping the floor last week. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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