How to Turn Any Table into an Art Table

I’ve drooled over the Pottery Barn Craft Tables for months!  But they are way out of our budget. I love that paper roll that goes across the table. It’s like instant art project access.  I’ve searched Craigslist for one of the PB Craft Tables, but I had no luck. One day I came across a Carolina Play Table with two benches for $50. It wasn’t a craft table (no paper roll…boo…) but for the price I couldn’t pass it up! So I sent the hubby on a trek across town for this Craigslist jewel. Luckily, I have a handy hubby who said, “You want a paper roll, I’ll give you a paper roll!”. So here’s how to turn any little Craigslist table find into a fantastic craft table with an installed paper roll!

How to Make Any Table an Art Table


  • Large  1 -3/8 in. Rod, length dependent on the table
  • Wood Closet Rod Supports (see picture)

Art Table Supplies

This is actually way too simple! Install the wood closet rod supports on the underside of the table. Where these are installed will depend a lot on the design of the table. Be sure to allow room for the paper roll.

Art Table Supplies

We left the grooved closet rod support a little loose so that we could turn it to the side to remove the rod easily to add the paper.

Art Table Supplies

Cut the rod to the appropriate length to fit in between the wood closet rod supports.

Place the paper roll on the rod.

Art Table Under the Table

Enjoy the ‘new’ craft table!

 How to Make Any Table an Art Table



  1. says

    Wow, Melanie, using closet rods for this is simply genius! My guys always loved drawing on the table/paper table cloth..this would be any kids paradise!

  2. says

    This is so awesome! I have a four year old who absolutely loves to color and draw in her room. I never thought to turn her table into an “art” table but its such a great idea. Seems pretty easy too. I may be able to do this one on my own! Thanks for the idea :)

  3. crafty.grandma says

    That is a great idea….did something similar on my old kitchen table now craft table – inserted a tension rod under the table for paper roll and a paper towel holder for paper towels. If paper roll is small enough there is place for both or use as a drying place…that way it is out of sight and wont be tempted to touch!


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