How to Bookmark an Image in Cricut Design Space

Have you ever wondered how to bookmark an image that you’ve found in Cricut Design Space? Is this even possible? I’m answering a reader question today. I’m also haring How to Save a Project in Cricut Design Space at the end of this post.  This post may contain affiliate links. 

This week, reader Vakeri asked a great question, “Hi…in the design space app, how do you save designs you like for future projects? Or can you? Please help”

I thought, if Vakeri has this question, I bet others do, too. So I decided to whip up a quick post dedicated to the subject. If you’ve ever wanted to know, read on. At the end, I’m also sharing a quick photo tutorial on how to save your project in Design Space.


So…the short answer to Vakeri’s question is “No.” There is no “bookmark” tool in the Cricut Design Space itself. If you’re looking for a “Pin It” type of button, or a heart like on Etsy, or a “Watch” list like on eBay, there is no such feature in Cricut Design Space when it comes to bookmarking images to watch or for future reference. Keep in mind that I’m publishing this post on January 4, 2017. There is a Cricut Design Space Update that is supposed to roll out this year, so there may be a feature like that included (I don’t know), but at the time of this publishing, there is not. If that changes with the update, I will try to pop back in here and update this post.

But, like most other things, there is a work around. If you are looking to bookmark an exact image in Cricut Design Space that you have found and liked, but you’re not quite ready to commit to it in your project yet, here is how to do it.

How to Bookmark an Image in Cricut Design Space

Since Valentine’s day is upcoming, I’m going to search for the perfect heart shape. So many pretty options pop up! I find one that I like, but I don’t want to use it in my project quite yet. But I also don’t want to have to search for it later. I click on the little italics “i” within the circle that is on the image. Do you see it? There is one in the lower right corner of each image.

How to Bookmark an Image in Cricut Design Space

After clicking on the “i,” the image box flips around to reveal the information about the image. It tells the image  name, the image creator, and the image identification number. From this point, you can do two different things.

If you like writing things in lists or in a notebook, you can write the image identification number in the notebook. Then use that exact number in the search box when looking for the image.

How to Bookmark an Image in Cricut Design Space

Or, if you are like me, I like everything bookmarked on my computer. In this case, copy and paste the identification number into the search box.

How to Bookmark an Image in Cricut Design Space

This will pull a page up with only that image.

How to Bookmark an Image in Cricut Design Space

You can then use the BOOKMARK FEATURE IN YOUR COMPUTER BROWSER (again, there is no such feature in Design Space itself) to bookmark the image page for future reference.

As an alternative, you can also save the image as a project (without really making a project).  Once you’ve found an image that you like (or think you like), add it to a blank page and save it as a project.

How Do I Save My Project in Cricut Design Space?

How Do I Save My Project in Cricut Design Space?

To save your project, click the “Save” button.

How Do I Save My Project in Cricut Design Space?

A new page will  open. Name your project and save! If you are simply saving the page as a quick reference for the image, you can name is something like “Temporary” or “Possible Image” or whatever will trigger your brain to what it is. Otherwise, name the file after the project. As you can see, my project files are oh-so-cleverly named (not!).

When saving projects, you can also chose to make your project public. This will allow you to share the image URL with others if you want.

How Do I Save My Project in Cricut Design Space?

Ok, so is that as clear as mud?

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  1. Amy says

    Thank you for sharing the bookmarking! I will try it. I hate going through thousands of images time after time.

    In regards to saving projects….I have problems with losing my projects. For example…last night I worked hours on a project. I hit “Save As” and saved it under “children cards”. Then I started a “New” project on a blank canvas. When I went to save it, I hit “Save As” and called it “Scrpture card”. Immediately my project of “children card” is gone. Any ideas why? Have you heard of anyone else having this problem? I always use “Save As” as opposed to “Save”. Do you suppose that’s my problem? The concept of saving projects in other programs is not new to me…I have always used “Save As” in other programs (for example MS Word, etc) and never had these problems.

    (I do use my own uploaded .png images most of the time. I don’t know why it should cause that problem, but thought I would throw it out there.)

    Thanks for your tutorials. I have bookmarked your page.

  2. Amy says

    I know if I sign out and go to another browser I can save a copy. Last night I tried using “Save” most of the time and then “Save As” for a copy. It worked fine last night. Maybe that’s the answer….or maybe it didn’t act up last night. I had problems tonight with the print/cut. It would cut the first image on the page and then quit. It did it on 3 different pages. So I signed out and cleared my casche. Then it worked. Hopefully the new version of Design Space will take care of these problems. Thanks for your imput.

  3. Kathy says

    Is it possible to save a project that you already saved as another name? Example: I have been doing the birth announcements, I would like to just take the template that I already created and save as a new file name. It only allows me to save, it doesn’t give me the save as option. Any work arounds?

  4. Dorri says

    I’ve recently upgraded from the Expression to the Explore Air 2 and I’m wondering how to Fill Page with an image so the machine does the work of fitting as many as possible of that one image on the sheet?? It was on option on the actual Expression machine. I’ve been searching for days and haven’t figured it out. Any ideas??

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