Hello Greeting Card {a Cricut project}

If it seems as if I’ve given up on my other cutting machines for the Cricut Explore Air, well, you’d be correct. One of the features that I’m enjoying the most about it is the “write and cut” feature. The Cricut Explore Air has a housing that can hold a pen AND the blade. This means that I can design a card and have it write and cut without having to stop the machine and start it up again or without having to guess where the writing should go in relationship to the cut. For those of you out there looking for more realistic hand lettered writing on cards without having to practice hand lettering yourself, the writing feature on the Cricut Explore is a nice thing to have.


My first introduction to this feature was straight out of the Cricut box! When you receive the Cricut Explore Air, it has step by step directions for setting up the machine when you first crack open the box. Within those directions, the machine is set up to help you complete an introductory project, this “Hello” greeting card.

(I’m not certain if that is what everyone’s Cricut Explore Air first project is when they set up the machine. If you have a Cricut Explore Air, leave me a comment and let me know.)

Hello Greeting Card {a Cricut project}

Supplies needed (affiliate links):

There are instructions in the packet, but they are also conveniently located online if you’ve misplaced them or if you’ve stored your initial Cricut installation instructions but want to make more of the cards. I like this card so much that I want to make several of them!


Once the machine has cut and written on the card stock, just glue them together to make the card.

Hello Greeting Card {a Cricut project}


Hello Greeting Card {a Cricut project}


Looking for more Cricut projects? I’ve done so many over the years, but here are a few of the most recent ones (and the ones that I’ve done with the Cricut Explore Air).


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  1. Linda says

    could you please tell me what size the cardstock is for both pieces. I can’t remember what size they had in the box and would like to make some extra ones also thanks so much Linda

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