Halloween Heel Canvas

At first, I wasn’t going to share this post. My alternate post title was “The Post That Makes It Look Like I Can’t Paint.” But then I decided, no, it’s a real craft by real kids for real moms. It’s not fancy, and it won’t win any rewards, but it was fun. The point of today’s craft is to showcase how to get multiple kids in on a fall themed craft. We all love our kids’ handiwork, but keeping something separate from them all means a lot of little things can pile up. For this canvas, there is a piece of everyone on the same work of art. The older kids can help by painting the background and writing. No special tools or cutting machines are needed- just paint, a canvas, and little feet.

Pumpkin Patch Heel Art Canvas   |   ItHappensinaBlink.com


  • Blank canvas
  • Orange Paint (washable!)
  • Light Green Paint
  • Dark Green Paint

Begin by painting the canvas in light green paint. Let dry completely. This is a great step for the older kids.

Dip the kids heels in orange paint. Apply the heels to the canvas. I kept mine together to try to make a pumpkin “patch”. This part is harder than it sounds when you’re talking about wiggly 18 month old boys!

 After the orange paint has dried, use dark green paint to make stems. Let dry.

And that’s pretty much it! Of course, if you have a fancy cutting machine, pull it out to make professional looking wording. But I just used handwritten words. Another good step for the older kiddos.

Pumpkin Patch Heel Art Canvas   |   ItHappensinaBlink.com

There ya’ go. “Heel” art at it’s best!



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