Fun with Our Fairy Garden

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I have to admit- I had no idea what a fairy garden was prior to checking out this product. However, I am now a believer in the power that a fairy garden can have over a preschooler! A new product from the Horizons Group (the great company that makes all the neat products), the fairy garden is a fun mixture of real and make believe that transcends from kids to adults.

Fairy Garden from It Happens in a Blink

This week, we played with the Traditional Fairy Garden.

The assembly was easy. All of the parts, minus the dirt and any plants, come in the package.

It is not required to paint the fairy garden box, but we decided to take the fun to the next level and personalize our fairy garden. A little purple paint and Sparkle Mod Podge, and our fairy garden was glitterific and perfect for any fairy to call home.

Next, we added some simple potting soil that we already had on hand.

The little one then went to our local hardware store and picked out a few special flowers that she ‘just knew the fairy would love’. We planted them around the side and back.

Now- add the fairy garden package products!

There is no right or wrong way to build the fairy garden- that’s part of the magic. Paint it, leave it plain, add flowers, don’t add flowers- make it however you want it to be! They are great for any age group. I will have to say that I’ve been surprised by how entertained my daughter has been kept by this fairy garden. See honestly plays with it an hour+ every day!

These fairy garden activity kits are only offered at Walmart for six weeks! They are $19.97 and will be located in the garden center. In addition to the Traditional Fairy Garden that we are enjoying, Walmart will also carry a Fairy Tea Garden Kit and a Terrarium Fairy Garden Kit.

Want to see the Terrarium Garden Kit? My friend Kadie and her kids have been playing with that one. Visit the Seven Alive blog to see their fairy magic!


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    Oh this is adorable… I don’t think my daughter is quite ready but I should probably get one now while they are available, we can always do it on a rainy day next year!

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