Formula Can Flower Centerpieces

I love recycling things that I already have to make things for a party or other event. Last year, when my daughter was turning one, I wanted to make cute centerpieces that could also serve as memoirs for her, us, and her grandparents. I searched the Internet but couldn’t find anything that I really liked. I remember walking into my storage room and seeing all of her empty formula cans stacked up on a shelf. I had been saving them for something for months now, I just wasn’t sure what yet.

Thus the Formula Can Flower Pot Centerpiece was born. They were easy and fun to make, and since I had to make eight of them (one for all the parents/grandparents/and my daughter), the design was simple and used enough recyclable materials that they didn’t break the bank.

Uses for the Formula Can Flower Pot Centerpiece:

  • Centerpiece for Birthday Party or other event
  • Take-home Memoir or Party favor for Family/Friends

Supply List:

  • Formula Can (I used the larger, full-size can, but a small one will work, too. Keep in mind the size of your table. A small one may be dwarfed by a large table. Also adjust the size of the other materials to coordinate with the can)
  • Assorted card stock paper in the colors you chose
  • Coordinating ribbon
  • Hot glue gun
  • Styrofoam
  • Pictures, if desired
  • Crepe paper
  • A small stick (if you want to buy wooden dowels, you can. I just used small sticks that I found outside. I liked how they had a natural curved shape)
  • Scissors
  • A material to fill the bottom of the can. We had just returned from the beach, so I used sea shell pieces that I had collected, but you can use rocks, shredded paper, or anything else that you have around.

Step One

Decorate the outside of the can. I covered the can with cardboard stock paper in the colors that I was using for her birthday party. I then cut out small letters that spelled her name and glue them around the can. (I got to cheat a little bit since I have a Cricut, so pull out your Cricut or use stencils to make letters). I then used coordinating ribbon to glue around the top and bottom of the can. This was to hide any flaws or unevenness in the cuts of the cardboard stock. I used hot glue to to secure everything.

Step Two

Make the flower. First, I covered my stick with the green crepe paper. I twirled the paper around the stick and hot glued it at both ends. Next, make the flower. Again, the Cricut came in handy, but you can also use a stencil or free hand a cute flower shape. Cut out two flowers per centerpiece. I used a picture of my daughter on one side, and I glued a big “1” on the other side for her age.
To put the stem and flower together, I cut a small square of styrofoam. I then glued one flower to each side of the styrofoam square. To prevent the styrofoam from being seen on the top and sides (the portion of the styrofoam that was visible in between the flowers), I then covered them with a scrap of the same color paper that I used for the flower.  I then put a large glob of hot glue on one end of the stem (stick) and pierced it through the bottom of the styrofoam square.

Step Three

Fill the decorated can. Lastly, it’s time to fill the decorated can. Once again, I cut a square of styrofoam just small enough stuff inside of the can. Take the completed stem/flower and place a large glob of hot glue of the unfinished end. Quickly pierce the styrofoam square that is inside the can with the stem so that the flower is now upright in the middle of the can. It may be helpful to hold the flower there for a few seconds so that the glue may set. Finally, fill the can with whatever material that you have chosen. I used broken sea shell pieces from the beach, but you can use whatever works best for your event. Shredded paper in assorted colors is another cute, inexpensive idea.

Your center piece is now finished! Of course, you can customize your item however you like. The best thing about making these is that you can change the colors and design in so many different ways! Feel free to upload or send me a picture of your completed centerpiece!

Here’s a picture of two that I made side by side so that you can see the front and back at the same time. I made four with the light pink flower and four with the bright pink flower.


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