4 Glue & Go Flower Cabochon Projects

I’ve been sharing jewelry projects that I’m referring to as “glue and go” ones this month. The purpose of these projects are to build your confidence in jewelry making and to build your jewelry making supply stash, two of the things that I’ve found to be the most challenging when it comes to jewelry projects. Today I’m sharing crafting with flower cabochons. My first introduction with flower cabochons was when I started blogging, and my sweet friend Kadie from Seven Alive sent me a lovely necklace and earring set. I still have and wear the set, and you’ll actually get to see the pieces today. Flower cabochons are the perfect glue and go jewelry embellishments because you, well, glue them on and go. It doesn’t get much easier than that. I’ve made 4 Flower Cabochon Projects today that can be coordinated for a great gift.

4 Glue and Go Flower Cabochon Projects  |  ItHappensinaBlink.com

Supplies needed for all 4 projects (some affiliate links included):

Flower cabochons come in various sizes, colors, and flower versions. I typically get an assortment. Unless I’m doing earrings, I like the larger flowers and the chrysanthemum style, but that’s just personal preference. Be sure that whatever one you order has a flat back so that it adheres firmly to the jewelry notions.

Flower Cabochons  |  ItHappensinaBlink.com

Flower Cabochon Necklaces

The necklaces can be made a few different ways. My friend Kadie sent me one that had a large flower cabochon that she had glued to a jewelry Bail Pendant Mount. Here is a photo of the exact necklace that she sent me.

Flower Cabochon Necklace  |  ItHappensinaBlink.com

Flower Cabochon Necklace  |  ItHappensinaBlink.com

For me, I’ve been making them with these 1″ charm pendants. I received a batch of these in a Pick Your Plum grab box but needed a realistic idea on what to do with them. I tried using Mod Podge to apply a photo inside, but the photos were so small that it really didn’t look nice. The large flower cabochons did the trick!

Flower Cabochon Necklace  |  ItHappensinaBlink.com

Simple use the glue to adhere the cabochon to the charm. Add a chain and done!

Flower Cabochon Necklace  |  ItHappensinaBlink.com

Flower Cabochon Earrings

For the earrings, you’ll need two of the same earrings, two earring posts, and glue.

Flower Cabochon Earrings  |  ItHappensinaBlink.com

Just glue and go!

Flower Cabochon Earrings  |  ItHappensinaBlink.com


Flower Cabochon Paperclips

Flower Cabochon Paperclips  |  ItHappensinaBlink.com

Grab the paperclips, glue, and medium size flower cabochons.


Flower Cabochon Hair Pins

This quick craft needs glue, hair pins with a flat blank, and flower cabochon in size and color of choice.

5 Minute Hair Pin Supplies from It Happens in a Blink

5 Minute Spring Hair Pins from It Happens in a Blink using Pick Your Plum materials #PickYourPlum #PYP

These could be coordinated for a flower themed Christmas present for yourself or someone else!

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    I love the look with the copper colored round paper clips! Can I ask where I can find those?

    Thank you! :)


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