Felt Circle Flower Garden Greeting Card

My mother-in-law celebrated a birthday recently. I always enjoy helping the kids create something special for their grandparents for holidays and special occasions. This time, we made a special Felt Circle Flower Garden Greeting card. My mother-in-law always exclaims that the grandkids are her flower garden, so this is very fitting. My daughter and I (since she is older) made the front of the card, and then each of the kids drew their own picture inside the card. I let each kid choose the color of their flower, and once the card was completed, I wrote each kiddo’s name over the flower that they had chose.

Felt Circle Flower Garden Greeting Card



  • Plain greeting card
  • Markers- My daughter and I used these!
  • Felt circles- Our felt circles are made from Kunin Felt. Thanks to them for sending me some as part of the Laura Kelly Design Team! If you are cutting your own circles, these are about 1/2″ in diameter.
  • Permanent Glue Dots– Thanks to Glue Dots for sending me these as part of their Creative Maker Team!
  • Green card stock (a small piece will do)
  • A black thin marker
  • Crayons for drawing inside


Begin by using the Permanent Glue Dots to secure the felt circles to the front of the plain card. If you have multiple kiddos like I do, adjust the height of each circle so that the flowers overlap one another as little as possible.

Grab the markers and draw the flower petals and stems.

On a small piece of green card stock, write the “Granny’s (or Grandma’s or Nana’s or whatever your kiddos call their Grams) Flower Garden.

Use the Glue Dots to attach the piece of green card stock to the front of the card.

Felt Circle Flower Garden Greeting Card


Make sure that the markers from the flowers have dried, and then let the kids draw a picture inside the card.


This is a sweet project for a birthday or for Grandparent’s Day!


Felt Circle Flower Garden Greeting Card


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