{EASY} Homemade packaging ideas for a baby shower

This Homemade Baby Gift Packaging Idea is so easy, I didn’t even do an official tutorial. The idea utilizes fabric scraps and can be made in under 5 minutes! I used this to bundle a set of Baby Burp Cloths and a set of Baby Receiving Blankets that I made for a recent baby shower.

Cut a strip of fabric that is at least 3 inches wide by whatever length is needed to tie around the gift or items that need to be bundled. Lay the strip right side down. Fold the long edges in to the middle so that they overlap just a bit. Sew a straight stitch down the middle where they overlap.

Wrap the strip around the gift/items. Fold under the top raw edge. Use a dot of super glue to secure in place. I then tied a gift tag from Poofy Cheeks Boutique around the fabric strip.

So easy, so cute, anybody can do it!! :)

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