Easy DIY Lollipop Stand

This Easy DIY Lollipop Stand is simple and inexpensive to make! You may already have the supplies at home. See the supply list for affiliate link products that I recommend. 

Last year I stopped doing party favor bags for my daughter’s birthday parties. Instead, we do a pinata and a lollipop stand with themed suckers. The pinata is just plain fun, and all kids like the lollipops. This year my daughter picked out flamingo lollipops to go along with her party theme. I grabbed a few supplies from around the house to make an easy lollipop stand.

Easy DIY Lollipop Stand for a children's party


For this project, I am using the DecoArt Americana Outdoor Living Paint in the color Succulent and the DecoArt Americana Decor Stain in the color Fuschia.


Paint the terra cotta pot, inside and out. Let dry completely.


While the pot dries, use the old rag to apply the stain to the styrofoam ball. I like using the DecoArt Stain on styrofoam. If you’ve ever tried to spray paint styrofoam in the past, then you know it doesn’t work (at all!!). By applying the DecoArt Stain to the styrofoam with an old rag, I was able to get a rich color without compromising the styrofoam material. Let dry completely.


Once both pieces are dry, place the ball into the pot. Mine fit perfectly and did not need any help staying in the pot. If yours has trouble with this, use an adhesive to secure it.


Use the lollipop sticks to pierce the ball.

Easy DIY Lollipop Stand for a children's birthday party



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