Easy Chalkboard Daily Menu Board (from a Pick Your Plum Grab Box)

Have you ever snagged one of the Pick Your Plum grab boxes? They sell them once a month, usually on a Saturday morning, and the boxes are filled with all sorts of special surprises- I never know what I’m going to get! 

The first month I purchased one, I received a large cork/wooden board. It had a little water damage on one end, but was definitely still usable. I had also just bought my first can of chalkboard paint. Coincidence? I think not.

Around our house, the summer schedule is loose and sometimes crazy. Plans can change in a minute! I’ve never been good at creating a weekly menu, but I figured that I can short-term plan at least until the next day, right? So I used my new fun crafty things to make a small menu board!

Each night, I post what we will have for dinner the next evening. This has actually been great for our entire family. The hubby has even been cooking more because he knows what we are having! Yes, please!!

  • Wooden board in desired size
  • Chalkboard paint (spray can)
  • Background Paint
  • Vinyl for words/decoration

Begin my covering the entire board in the background paint. I used gray. I didn’t use any primer, so it took about 3 coats. Let dry.
Decide how much of the area that should be covered in the chalkboard paint. Tape the section out with painter’s tape. Cover the portions that are not to be painted so that the spray paint does not accidentally paint that portion. Follow the directions on the back of the can for the amount of coats and drying time.
Add vinyl letters and embellishments. Done!
Not bad for a first chalkboard paint experience! Have you ever ordered a Pick Your Plum grab box? What have you made from items in yours?
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    I haven’t made much from my grab box…, yet. I did love getting it though. It was even more fun than I thought it would be finding out what was in it! I love your menu board!!

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    Very cute idea! I happen to have a chalk board just inside the back door. While the fam was home, I had the daily menus written on the board. When my son-in-law saw ‘pork loin roast with maple syrup,’ he crossed it out and wrote ‘McDonalds.’ 😀


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