DIY Wood Pallet Planter Box

For me, the perfect gift for Father’s Day is any tool. Yep, pretty much any tool will do. It actually doesn’t even matter if I already own the same or similar version of a tool. A man can never have too many tools. For that reason, my Father’s Day was made last weekend when I received this BLACK + DECKER 20V MAX* Lithium Cordless Drill to try. This ultimately means that Melanie’s day was made, too, because I was able to jump on a few projects that she had been wanting me to make.

Since our integration of WHOLE30, we’ve been cooking with more herbs and spices than ever. We’re trying out hand at growing herbs now that I’ve whipped up this DIY Wood Pallet Planter. It’s made with a FREE wood pallet and supplies that I already had in my basement, making this project pretty much entirely free!

DIY Wood Pallet Planter Box AD

According to Melanie, ladies like to also use boxes like this as centerpieces for the table or candle holders, etc. I don’t know anything about that, but it sounds pretty cool! Once you make the pallet box, the sturdy wood has many uses.




Are you wondering where to find free pallets? We have a few that I picked up from a local automotive business, but we’ve also found them by the side of the road.

Free wood pallets AD

First, cut the wood. According to the dimensions Melanie gave me, I cut the wood pieces as follows. The size of yours may vary based on the sized of the pallet boards that you have.

(3) pieces 30″

(2) pieces 5.75″

DIY Wood Pallet Planter Box AD


Place a clamp at both ends to hold the two side and bottom pieces together while you work.

DIY Wood Pallet Planter Box AD


Using the drill bit in the BLACK + DECKER 20V MAX* Lithium Cordless Drill, drill pilot holes through the sides and bottom. I did two on each side. Then use the screw bit in the drill to insert a wood screw into each hole.


DIY Wood Pallet Planter Box AD


DIY Wood Pallet Planter Box AD


Line up the short end pieces and repeat the above steps to secure the final parts.


DIY Wood Pallet Planter Box AD



DIY Wood Pallet Planter Box AD


Use sand paper to smooth out any rough edges.


DIY Wood Pallet Planter Box AD



DIY Wood Pallet Planter Box AD


DIY Wood Pallet Planter Box AD


The BLACK + DECKER 20V MAX* Lithium Cordless Drill is compact and perfect for lightweight projects such as this one. It’s also perfect for other lightweight projects such as decorating, hanging shelving, and other crafts!


Create at your own risk: DISCLAIMER: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of all information on this website, It Happens in a Blink, LLC, makes no guarantee to the procedures shared here. It Happens in a Blink, LLC, is not responsible or liable for direct, indirect, or consequential damages or personal grievances resulting from the use of any information on This website is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of a professional.

Black and Decker drill AD



  1. Jillian Too says

    I love that the drill has an LED light that illuminates your working surface. I’d love to use it to build some raised planters for my mom.

  2. Ashley says

    Seriouslt, what is not to loke about it? It is more compact but has the same amount of power, plus that LED light is pretty sweet as well! My husband and I have been dying to make a new table for our dining room and I think this would really kick start that project for us! Thanks for the chance!

  3. says

    I would make a bird feeder! My backyard desperately needs one. I love the lithium battery. They’re such a long lasting battery.

  4. Julie Wood says

    I like that it has a LED light and that it is lightweight and easy to use. I would make a standing flower planter for my front porch!

  5. Jackie says

    I like that the drill is lighter and more compact than others. I would love to hang some shelves in the living room.
    Thank you!

  6. Patti says

    Love the smaller compact size and that its lightweight. The LED light is perfect for that spot on. Would love to be able to do some DIY projects to spice up out front and some flower boxes would be perfect.

  7. Erin Ellis says

    I love that it is light, and also that it fits into tight spaces. We are building a big wood swingset (ongoing project) and this would be fabulous! There are so many odd spaces to try and fit my bulky drill into, and it’s so heavy. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    ErinLoves2Run at gmail dot com

  8. Rebecca b says

    The light would be helpful in some of the spaces we are doing work in. The work light just doesn’t always quite get to where you need it. I would love to use it to make some July 4 decorations. Way more fun than house projects!

  9. lesley says

    i have some reclaimed wood i am painting to make coat racks and jewelry organizers from so this would come in handy to add the beautiful knobs i found.

    would love to have a saw too!

  10. Jennifer Long says

    I like that its light and fits in small spaces. My hubby could use it to finish the bathroom project!

  11. Amy C. says

    I like that this drill is lighter than most. We are remodeling our kitchen, and this would come in handy when we start hanging pictures and install lighting.

  12. says

    My husband would love for me to have a drill of my own!! I’m notorious for stealing his! My first project would be a feeding station for my dog- I’ve got the supplies waiting!

  13. Kari B says

    I love that it is light weight and compact. I hate using mybHusbands, it is so big and bulky. I would use it to finish my daughter’s toy box! Thanks for the chance. ?

  14. Lisa Brown says

    I like the 11 position clutch to help prevent stripping screws or damaging material feature; I would make a few wood frames for a few prints that I need to hang up. Thanks for the chance
    jslbrown2009 at aol dot com

  15. Linda N says

    I like that it is only 2.5 lbs and lightweight which makes it easier for me and less arm fatigue. We want to change out the doors and hardware in our home for a more updated look so this would really come in handy for that.

  16. David says

    I like that the drill is cordless. I still use a corded drill. I have always wanted to have some TV trays for those times when we eat dinner in the living room, so I would use these tools to make that. Ideally I would make folding tables, but my skill level may not be ready for that.

  17. Harmony B says

    Would love to make one of the DIY Patio Table with Cooler projects.
    Love that the drill is compact

  18. Janice R. says

    I would like to build square shaped accent wall shelves and paint them a nice shade of green for my bedroom. I think they would look nice and would be great for displaying and storing items. I also love that it’s cordless.

  19. Susan Christy says

    I like the LED light. I want a modern coffee table with hairpin legs but they are too expensive, so when I have the right tools, I will build my own.

  20. Go Mkrtchy says

    I like how versatile the drill is! I will get married soon and wood (would) like to build a new coffee table and other such things myself in order to keep costs down.

  21. Kristi S says

    I love that it is small! I’ve used drills before that were just to large and bulky for the job. I’d use it to fix my table that we broke yesterday :).

  22. Kim Reid says

    I like that it is lightweight and easy to use for larger projects. I want to create built in bookcases for the living room!

  23. lisa hollinger says

    I love that it is light weight and compact our drill is so heavy and old! I would use it to build a raised garden bed in my back yard

  24. Ronda says

    I love that it can fit into tight spaces. I would use it to build some plant boxes, bird houses and make some shelves.

  25. Deborah Anderson says

    So many things I love about it, but first and foremost, it appears to be a powerful drill for just about any application, yet lightweight enough for a woman to use. Does that sound sexist?? :) I desperately need a drill to do some minor kitchen cabinet repairs (hinges coming completely off!) but I wouldn’t be able to handle a big ol’ drill like most folks use. This sounds perfect for my needs. Oh, and then there’s the set of shelves that need hanging on the wall, but they need holes drilled first. And then there’s my dream pet project – I want to build a sequence of flat or boxlike shelves on the wall, like a staircase, for my cats. (“pet” project – see what I did there?) Thank you for the chance to win not just a drill, but a circular saw to cut the wood too!! Pure awesomeness!

  26. sharon says

    i would love to give this to my hubby! i like the LED features. we would make a new home for our tortoise.

  27. evans s says

    i like that the drill is cordless so i can take it just anywhere i need to. I would make the bookcase I have been getting ideas for to go in the living room

  28. Pam Halligan says

    I like how compact and lightweight this drill is, plus the battery power. I’d make a toy chest.

  29. Brigitte Bauman says

    I like the fact that this drill looks easy to handle. This is important to me because I can use it for a few “handy woman” jobs around my house.

  30. Holly Storm says

    I love that it’s cordless. I currently have an old Black + Decker corded drill and sometimes it’s a pain when I have to scrounge up enough extension cords to reach something. I would start by fixing some loose trim on the side of our porch. Thanks!

  31. Holly Mitkowski says

    I love that it is lightweight and convenient! I want to build a pallet couch for my front porch!

  32. Chelsey L says

    I love that it has Lithium-ion batteries because those last so much longer than the Ni-Cad ones! I would make some planters for my front windows first!

  33. Tara O. says

    My favorite feature is that it is compact and lightweight – just what I need for around the house!! I would love to make the planter box you showed us first! I’ve actually got two pallets in my garage right now!

  34. natasha Lamoreux says

    I like that it is light weight and that it is 35% smaller than the GC1801 drill. I would love to build a planter box or a small sandbox for the kids to play in .

  35. Brianna Ketchum says

    It being cordless is really nice and its black and decker so its a really good brand and im not sure what wed use it for but my moms boyfriend is the handyman so im sure hed use it for his wood work projects thanks for the chance!

  36. says

    I like the fact that it’s cordless! I have a few pallets in my garage right now that I want to make seating with, so this would be perfect!

  37. Katie R says

    I love that the drill has two speeds and it has a built in light. I do not own a drill and am new to these kind of projects so I am not exactly sure what I would like to make. I guess I would need to head over to pinterest. This project looks awesome, though.

  38. Ally says

    This probably just shows how stingy we are with buying new things (we like things made to last, and I know B&D does that!) but I love that it’s cordless. I have this fear of drilling through the cord or wrapping myself up and tripping.

    My significant other has a mess of projects he needs to work on–a shelf for his surround sound system and a frame stand for his beehive being the two at the top of his list. The wood’s on our porch, just waiting!

  39. Kristie says

    I love that it’s cordless and I would like to make a huge Jenga and maybe a table! Thanks! kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

  40. Ellie Wright says

    I love that it is lightweight and my husband is making toy boxes for all three of our grandchildren. This would be put to great use.

  41. Laurajj says

    Oh what I love most is the 11 position clutch helps prevent stripping screws! The first project I would do is a raised garden bed! I container garden now, but would love to make some raised beds to give the plants all more room!

  42. Tee says

    I light weight of the drill. It makes it much easier for me to work on projects. We need some shelves in our garage so that is project #1.

  43. Austin Baroudi says

    I like the 11 position clutch and the first project I would use it for would be to build a skate kicker ramp!

  44. Tia H says

    I love the convenient size! I would use it first for hanging drywall in an small nook in our attic that we are turning into a reading room!

  45. Tina W says

    I like that it is lightweight, it’s so hard trying to hold onto a tool that is heavy when you are working on a project.

  46. Linda Kwolek says

    Cordless with a lithium battery is the best thing about the drill, but also being a Black and Decker product is a big bonus.

  47. KaylaKayla says

    I love the looks of this drill!!! It looks like it has the perfect amount of power. My husband and I have a fun project planned this summer to make my dog a doghouse and this drill would be PERFECT! :)

  48. Alina Hahn says

    I like that it is small and seems easy for me to use. I would like to make my son a shelf/organizer for his karate belts with it!

  49. Alexandra Oller says

    I love that it is lightweight and cordless. I would use it to make wood planter boxes for herbs.

  50. jamie says

    Love this planter box- I’m trying to get my hubby to make me a custom frame for a huge canvas I just bought. That drill would certainly be helpful!

  51. Lauryn R says

    I love that the drill is cordless, but the LED light is probably my favorite thing about it! I have been wanting to build my kids a sandbox big enough for all 3 of them, so I would definitely do this project first! :)

  52. Angelica says

    I love that it’s lightweight and compact but still packs the power of a 20V lithium battery. My first project would be making a bathroom vanity, I found the perfect plans and can’t wait to put my Kreg Jig to the test and hopefully this drill! :)

  53. Luis A says

    I like the small, compact design over the larger bulkier drills I’ve seen. I would use the drill to make wooden bird houses.

  54. Jill Rivera says

    I love the pallet planter idea. The drill will be going to my son he is purchasing a new house soon. I know he has a weed trimmer. I wonder if the rechargeable battery is interchangeable.

  55. Laura says

    I love that this drill is cordless. I would make some new bookshelves. I’ve been needing more of them!

  56. Michelle C says

    I like that the drill is smaller and lightweight, which makes it easier to use! I would like to make some seating for my back patio.

  57. LynneMarie says

    I like that it’s cordless and that it has a light to illuminate the surface you are working on. I would use it to make a bookcase.

  58. wendy browne says

    I like how compact the drill is. I also like how it won’t strip screws as I’m not very experienced and often overuse the tool. I would like to build a teepee and play house for my son.

  59. says

    I like that the drill is small – we have a pretty small house with not too much storage space.
    I’d like to try making a couple of bat boxes to put in our backyard.

  60. Teresa R says

    I recently got a book of outdoor woodworking projects for my husband, son, and I to work on this summer, and these would make things much easier than using our old hand-me-down corded tools. Before we start on that though, I have some curtain rods and blinds that desperately need to be put up. Maybe my husband will even find it fun with new tools :)

  61. Julie Wood says

    Some of the other drills are so heavy and what I like is that it is 35% lighter and this will be easier for me to use. I want to make a new outdoor picnic table with my husband. Our old one broke and we need a new one because that is what we like to do is get all the family outdoors around the picnic table. Thanks for a chance to win!!

  62. Heidi Daily says

    I like that the drill has an LED light which should make seeing exactly where you are working easier. This would be great to use to make my son a big boy bed like he wants.

  63. yvie says

    I love that it’s cordless! We are needing to update our chicken coop…and that would be the very first project!

  64. Nancy Loring says

    I like that it is a good size for me to be able to handle. It is not to big and bulky. I would like to make a coat rack for my mud room

  65. Alma Rocha says

    I’ve handled a drill like this before at a home depot and its speed is great. I want to build a dog house for our new dog, Clarissa! Thanks for the chance!

  66. Cheryl Chervitz says

    I like that the drill has a light to help you see better. I am wanting to make a planter for my backyard.

  67. Sarah Lynch says

    I like how small it is, and that it can fit into tight spaces. I also like that its cordless and has a flashlight so I dont have to drill and hold a flash light at the same time,

  68. Lindsay Hess says

    I really like that it uses a Lithium battery, they tend to last alot longer!! I would love to make a some Christmas Decorations out of pallets, and the drill and saw would really help me get the job done! Thanks for a great giveaway/review I enjoyed it and I will be making this wood planter box very soon for my patio.

  69. Missy says

    I love that it is compact. Thank you for this project information. I actually have been wanting some boxes just like this.

  70. Patricia Mingozzi says

    I love that it is cordless. I would like to make a raised garden container for the backyard.

  71. Dominique Cloutier says

    I love the planter box you made!! I love gardening, so I would love to have something built for my garden! These would help so much! Love Black and Decker!

  72. kelly woods says

    I love how easy it appears to use it even for me and I make everything harder then it actually is. :) Would love to make my daughter a forever box to store her personal keep items that she is saving. Thanks for the chance!

  73. Gabrielly says

    I love that the drill has an LED light that illuminates your working surface. I’d give it to my boyfriend so he could use it.

  74. Jessica Mcfarlin says

    I love that its a lighter weight drill / light. My husband would use it to build a climbing wall for our 2 year old.

  75. Christina Ventura-DiPersia says

    This drill looks so amazingly easy to use (for both hubby and I) and so versatile. My husband has been making a lot of awesome things from pallets lately, so he would use this to probably build the platform bed that I’ve been asking him for a few years now :)

  76. Ryan Spencer says

    I love that it’s lightweight so I wont have trouble holding it. I’d use it to hang up shelves in my living room, bathroom and bedroom. And other DIY projects.

  77. Emily Acker says

    I love that it can be used anywhere, and I would probably put it to use somewhere in our apartment, fixing furniture or making new.

  78. Darlene Cruz says

    Forgot to include what project I will tackle if I win, I need a book shelf stand. I have favorite books that I cannot part with and they need a special place, yes I said it?

  79. Barbara says

    I would use the saw and drill to start fixing or replacing the railing on my deck that’s splitting.

    • Barbara says

      Darn – what I love about this drill is that the battery could actually hold a charge up to a year and a half.

  80. Jocelyn H says

    I love the higher torque, it has to be a much smoother experience than my old weak drill. I would use it to build a book shelf out of an old ladder first.

  81. Belinda says

    I like that it’s small and lightweight which makes it great for getting into smaller places. It would be great for the treehouse my husband is getting ready to build for our kiddos :)

  82. Farrah Shumway says

    I love that its lightweight & has 2 speeds. I’m not sure what project ii would do first because I have all kinds of stuff to fix around the house before I even think about projects for fun. Thank you!

  83. June Lisle says

    I like how easy to use the drill seems and I want to make wall shelves to keep more things out of my toddler’s reach.

  84. Barbara Blanton says

    I love that it is lightweight and has a light that shines where you need it most. The first project I would use it for is to make a couple of benches for outside to use by the firepit.

  85. Nikki Hanna says

    I love that its light weight instead of feeling bulky. My husband and daughter would love it to work on some projects this summer, most likely a birdhouse.

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