DIY Pizza Apron and Design-a-Pizza

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My husband rarely has to go out of town for extended periods (thankfully!). Every time he does, my daughter acts like it’s the worst day or week of her life. She moans and groans until he returns. I’ve discovered that planning special events gives her something to keep her mind off of his absence. Of course, I have three other kids in the house so I can’t really pack up and take the kids many places. I’ve found that simple projects tend to be the best. Recently he took our youth group students to camp for a week. I planned a library run, a water play day, and  a Pizza Night. I made the Pizza Night easy on myself and used DIGIORNO® Design-A-Pizza kits. These, paired with my DIY Pizza Apron, made for a fun Pizza Night!

Design-A-Pizza Kit and DIY Pizza Apron #DesignAPizza #Digiorno #CollectiveBias #shop

The DIGIORNO Design-A-Pizza kits are easy for moms and kids. We made two of them for our Pizza Night: Pepperoni & Sausage with Peppers and Chicken, Green Peppers and Red Onion.

Design-A-Pizza Kit and DIY Pizza Apron #DesignAPizza #Digiorno #CollectiveBias #shop

The meat, seasoning, cheese, and veggies are pre-chopped and pre-packaged in the Design-A-Pizza kits.They are very convenient!

Design-A-Pizza Kit and DIY Pizza Apron #DesignAPizza #Digiorno #CollectiveBias #shop

I simply had to tear apart the perforations on the packages and let my little one have at it. She had fun spreading the veggies and meats out on the pizzas. Or, rather, clumping all the veggies on “my side” and the meat and cheese on “her side.”

Design-A-Pizza Kit and DIY Pizza Apron #DesignAPizza #Digiorno #CollectiveBias #shop

And, apparently, frozen pepperoni is still edible.

Design-A-Pizza Kit and DIY Pizza Apron #DesignAPizza #Digiorno #CollectiveBias #shop

Here’s her finished creations. Can you see the dividing line between “our sides?” I guess there are no pepperonis for me! After designing, bake the pizzas in the oven according the the package directions.

Design-A-Pizza Kit and DIY Pizza Apron #DesignAPizza #Digiorno #CollectiveBias #shop

Want to have your own Pizza Night with DIGIORNO® Design-A-Pizza kits? I purchased mine at Walmart in the Pizza section.

Design-A-Pizza Kit and DIY Pizza Apron #DesignAPizza #Digiorno #CollectiveBias #shop

Now, are you feeling crafty? Let’s make a DIY Pizza Apron for the kids! This apron pattern is designed for children who are in a size 5-6. Since I have a girly girl, I created a Glam Girl apron, but feel free to embellish the apron for your child’s tastes.

Design-A-Pizza Kit and DIY Pizza Apron #DesignAPizza #Digiorno #CollectiveBias #shop


  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • 1/2 yard of cotton material
  • White 3/4″ velcro
  • Apron Pattern
  • Optional: Heat Transfer Vinyl or other iron-on for embellishment

I will  let you in on a little secret- I actually used drop cloth fabric for this apron. The kiddo is just going to get it messy, right?

Begin by making the neck straps and waist straps. Cut two rectangles of fabric that are 10″ x 4″ (waist straps) and two rectangles that are 12″ x 4″ (neck straps). Fold them in half and pin them. Sew the rectangles around, leaving on end open. Clip the threads and the corners.

Design-A-Pizza Kit and DIY Pizza Apron #DesignAPizza #Digiorno #CollectiveBias #shop

Turn the rectangles right side out and iron flat.

Topstitch the rectangles.

Cut pieces of velcro that are 1″ a piece. Pin a portion to each of the straps near the edge. One neck strap and one waist strap should have a soft piece, and one neck strap and one waist strap should have a rough piece.

Sew the velcro on the straps, then set the straps aside.

Design-A-Pizza Kit and DIY Pizza Apron #DesignAPizza #Digiorno #CollectiveBias #shop

Print out the apron pattern and cut 2 pieces of the pattern.

Lay one fabric piece down (right side up if there is a pattern to the fabric). Pin one of the waist strap pieces to the apron, about an inch from the corner as shown in the photo. Make sure the velcro piece is facing up.

Continue pinning the velcro straps on the fabric as shown. Place extra pins in them so that they do not move while sewing.

Cover this with the other apron piece– if the fabric has a pattern, place the pattern side down. Pin all the way around.

Sew the apron leaving a 3 inch opening in the bottom for turning.

Clip the strings and corners, then turn the apron.

Press the apron with an iron and topstitch around the edge, making sure that the topstitch closes the bottom opening.

Design-A-Pizza Kit and DIY Pizza Apron #DesignAPizza #Digiorno #CollectiveBias #shop

The apron is now finished, minus the embellishment. For my apron, I downloaded the free Silhouette necklace and bow cut file from Crafty Jac. You will need access to a Silhouette cutting machine to use this file. Of course, you can use any iron-on or fabric paint to create an embellishment that is perfect for your little pizza chef!

Design-A-Pizza Kit and DIY Pizza Apron #DesignAPizza #Digiorno #CollectiveBias #shop

Design-A-Pizza Kit and DIY Pizza Apron #DesignAPizza #Digiorno #CollectiveBias #shop

Ready for Pizza Night? I see another one in our future as soon as this week. Maybe I’ll even make one of these aprons for the hubby. He can rock a Glam Girl apron, too.


  1. says

    First and foremost, how cute is that apron? Adorable! I love that DiGiorno has come out with the Design Your Own Pizza. I saw a commercial the other night and thought it was great for the hubs and I do customize each half to our own liking :)

  2. says

    Cutest apron! She obviously loves this all around :) And I have GOT to get my hands on one of these pizza kits- keep seeing how fun they are and we are missing out!

  3. says

    I love that apron! DeGiorno is my favorite frozen pizza–I have yet to see those kits but now I will look for them. I actually prefer meat and/or cheese–no veggies on my pizza-hopefully they have a kit like that!

  4. Amanda @ Erickson & Co. says

    What a fun idea! My toddler would love it if I made him his own apron to help mama cook in!

  5. says

    This is fantastic, Melanie! I love that you made this “from scratch”, and the pearls are just too precious. My girls would love this!


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