What Cutting Machine Do I Use?

After years of trying different cutting machines, I’ve finally found one that does everything that I need it to do! Thank you to Cricut for eliminating all my cutting frustrations by sending a Cricut Explore Air! This post may contain affiliate links.


With all of the options of cutting machines out there, which one is the best bang for the buck? I've tried many. See which one I'm using for all of my projects now!


If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time, then you know that I have used many a die-cutting machine over the years. Embarrassingly enough, I currently have a Silhouette, a Cricut Expression, a Cricut Explore Air, and a Sizzix in my crafting arsenal.

The very first cutting machine that I began with was the Cricut Expression. I liked the machine, and I used it for several projects over the years, but there were a few down falls with it for me. I didn’t like that I had to purchase the cartridges. For example, when I made the invitations for my daughter’s Minnie Mouse birthday, I only wanted a Minnie Mouse head shape, but I had to purchase the entire cartridge of shapes when I only wanted that one. Also, no matter how hard I tried, I could never get intricate fonts to cut in full. Only non-handwritten fonts, like the George and Basic Shapes cartridge, would cut correctly in spite of a new blade and proper settings.

Not long after this, I won a Silhouette machine from a blog giveaway. It arrived just in time to use for my daughter’s birthday. I liked that I could purchase a single image from the design store. However, I still had issues with cutting handwritten-like fonts, and the print and cut feature (which sounded amazing!) would never quite work well.

Within this time frame, I also acquired a Sizzix machine. I liked the Sizzix machine, and it was extremely easy to use. It is a different category of die cutting machine and has different uses, so I’m not sure that it’s even fair to compare it to the Cricut or the Silhouette. Since the Sizzix does not have to be plugged in to electricity at all, I can see how it would be good for teachers, etc.

So while I had several cutting machines, I wasn’t 100% happy with any of them.

Then I received a Cricut Explore Air. 

And I totally love it!

The Cricut Explore Air

Admittedly, I was skeptical when I first tried it. I assumed that I would hit some of the same snags that I had in the past with other machines. The Cricut Explore Air completely surprised me with how easy it was to set up, get started, and knock projects out of the park in no time!

I’ve used the pen feature. No problem.

I’ve cut a pretty handwritten font with it. No tears or partial cuts.

The Cricut Design Studio is simple and easy to use. I like the Smart Set dial that lets me choose the material I’m using without changing the blade depth or pressure.

The Cricut Explore Air lets me cut and write in the same step. I can still use my Cricut cartridges with it, as well as the images on the Design Space software. It allows for wireless cutting, too!

I still have all of my other cutting machines, but they have been lying dormant since trying out the Cricut Explore Air.

4 Preschool Activities with Window Cling Shapes {a Cricut project}

If you’re considering a cutting machine, I highly recommend the Cricut Explore Air. I’ve been loving it ever since it arrived on my doorstep!

Do you have a Cricut Explore Air? Cutting out these window cling shapes is a great, simple project for beginners. It allows you to play with a different material yet doesn’t have any intricate designs or weeding processes.

4 Preschool Activities with Window Cling Shapes {a Cricut project}


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