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My daughter is in preschool, but you’d think she was ten. She’s turning into quite the fashionista (she doesn’t get this from me, by the way), and she loves jewelry. When given the chance to try this Friendship Bangle kit from, I knew that she would have fun with this project.

I will start by saying that the bracelets have an intended age of 6 and up. My little one is half that, so I adjusted the activity to fit her age level. The activity kit came with bright colorful items. It included 6 varying sizes of bangle bracelets, assorted embroidery thread, fabric glue, glitter glue, and lots of bracelet embellishments. My daughter “oohed” and “aahed” every time I pulled something new out of the box. 

We had fun taking creative liberty with this set, but my daughter wanted each bracelet to be wrapped with the embroidery thread. This is the step that is not conducive to a preschooler. If you have a child who is not school-aged (as recommended on the box), be prepared to wrap the bracelets yourself. This is not a quick process, as any crafter who frequently yarn wraps projects knows, but the end result is well worth the wait. My daughter even sat patiently, picking out buttons and beads, while I wrapped her bracelets. 

After I finished, she was able to use the glitter glue and embellish the bracelets herself. She had so much fun! I can honestly say that she entertained herself for over an hour. 

She is so proud of her bracelets! Even though this activity kit is made for ages 6 and up, I think that it’s also a good kit for three-five year olds, as long as parents are around to help with the harder parts. My daughter wants to give a few away as gifts, which I think is a great idea, so we will do that soon. Interested in the Friendship Bangle kit? Go {here} for more product information.

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Disclosure: I received no monetary compensation for this post. I did receive a free product from, but all opinions and statements are (as always) my own.


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