Craft Stick Snowflakes

 My daughter and I originally made these mini Craft Stick Snowflakes for Project Snowflake. Even though the project has been discontinued, we still have hung them up in our house. My daughter loves to see them swaying in the dining room. The snowflakes were fun to make, and they were a perfect activity for a preschooler’s assistance.

  • Craft sticks- use the larger ones or the mini ones- I used the mini craft sticks from
  • White poms- Use a package of assorted sizes for better definition- I used {this package}from the awesome
  • Hot glue
  • Yarn
  • Optional- Sparkle Mod Podge and foam sponge applicator
 Begin by assembling the craft stick snowflake. Since it involves hot glue, this should be done by an adult. 

Glue two craft sticks together in the shape of a “t”.

  Glue another craft stick in between these two. 

Glue one last craft stick across the previous one. 

Grab a large pom and glue it in the center. You can use hot glue, or let the little ones help with craft glue. 

Glue poms on the craft sticks. Experiment with using a variety of sizes. 
Cut a length of yarn and hot glue on the back of the snowflakes.
As an optional step, embellish the snowflakes with Sparkle Mod Podge for added shine. 



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