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Strawberry Shortcake Party Favors with Silhouette Seed Packets

One thing the Silhouette makes easy- Party Favors! For our Strawberry Shortcake party, I was conflicted on what to give out as favors. I always want to do something different, but yet something that goes along with the theme. And even thought our party theme is obviously very girly, we had invited several little boys to the party, so I also wanted to refrain from giving out a whole bag of pink. So what did I come up with? A Grow-Your-Own-Strawberry Party Favor!

Strawberry Shortcake Party Favors

These are very easy to put together. Grab a few chinese style party favor boxes from your local craft store, throw in a small bag of potting soil and small terra cotta pot, and top it with a custom seed packet. The Silhouette’s Print and Cut feature allowed me to create the custom seed packets. I purchased a seed packet cut file from the Silhouette Online Store. Basically, I was able to my custom image on the printer, and then cut it out with the Silhouette! Talk about a problem solver! I was even able to include the little one’s pretty face on the seed packet.

Silhouette Seed Packet

Aren’t these fun? And it gives the kids something fun to do AFTER they leave the party, too!

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16 Pretty Pail Projects

No matter what you call them- pails, buckets, containers- they can make for creative home decor and craft projects. I found 16 on Hometalk that I thought were awesome (you may recognize one of them) and clipped them to a Pretty Pails Project clipboard. Head over the Hometalk to check them out!

Hometalk Pretty Pails Projects

How to Turn Any Table into an Art Table

I’ve drooled over the Pottery Barn Craft Tables for months!  But they are way out of our budget. I love that paper roll that goes across the table. It’s like instant art project access.  I’ve searched Craigslist for one of the PB Craft Tables, but I had no luck. One day I came across a Carolina Play Table with two benches for $50. It wasn’t a craft table (np paper roll…boo…) but for the price I couldn’t pass it up! So I sent the hubby on a trek across town for this Craigslist jewel. Luckily, I have a handy hubby who said, “You want a paper roll, I’ll give you a paper roll!”. So here’s how to turn any little Craigslist table find into a fantastic craft table with an installed paper roll!

How to Make Any Table an Art Table


  • Large  1 -3/8 in. Rod, length dependent on the table
  • Wood Closet Rod Supports (see picture)

Art Table Supplies

This is actually way too simple! Install the wood closet rod supports on the underside of the table. Where these are installed will depend a lot on the design of the table. Be sure to allow room for the paper roll.

Art Table Supplies

We left the grooved closet rod support a little loose so that we could turn it to the side to remove the rod easily to add the paper.

Art Table Supplies

Cut the rod to the appropriate length to fit in between the wood closet rod supports.

Place the paper roll on the rod.

Art Table Under the Table

Enjoy the ‘new’ craft table!

 How to Make Any Table an Art Table


How’s the Weather Preschool Project

Do you have a budding meteorologist? My little one signs and complains about reading or doing letters, but her favorite is numbers and science related topics. She always wants to talk about planets, anatomy, and counting. In fact, she’s sitting beside of me reading her Counting Numbers book while I write this! So I broke out my hoard of toilet paper rolls and we made a little (super easy, preschool appropriate) weather project.

How's the Weather Preschool Craft Project


Print out the Weather Stencil Printable. Cut out the shapes.

To create the cloud:  Cut out the cloud on a piece of scrap foam using the Weather Stencil Printable. Glue white pom poms on the foam. Let dry. Glue the ‘cloud’ to a toilet paper roll.

To create the rainbow: Cut out the rainbow on a piece of scrap foam using the Weather Stencil Printable. Glue rainbow pom poms on the foam. Let dry. Glue the ‘rainbow’ to a toilet paper roll.

To create the raindrops: Cut out the raindrops on a blue construction paper using the Weather Stencil Printable. Glue rainbow pom poms on the foam. Let dry. Glue the ‘rainbow’ to a toilet paper roll.

To create the sunshine: Cut out the sunshine on a piece of scrap foam using the Weather Stencil Printable. Glue the ‘sunshin”’ to a toilet paper roll. Let dry.

We have had fun with this every day. My little one’s job every morning is to ‘check the weather’ when she gets out of bed. She then has to choose the correct weather item and place it out for everyone to see. Fun times!!

Eleven Wreaths to Make in an Evening

I desperately need a new wreath for the front door. But it’s that weird time of year- kind of late for a summer wreath, but kind of early for a fall wreath. My time is limited to make a wreath (have you ever made a yarn wreath or one of those covered in candy? Holy Moly Time Sucker!), so I am happy to have eleven wreaths to share with you today that you can definitely finish in one evening.

Ten Wreaths to Make in an Evening

House Number Door Wreath from One Dog Woof

Burlap Wreath from Repeat Crafter Me

Crepe Paper Rosette Wreath from Artsy-Fartsy Mama (make this one if your wreath hangs inside a class entry door)

Ten Minute Wreath from Seven Alive

30 Minute Letter Hanging Wreath from The Princess and Her Cowboys

Monogram Wreath from My Life of Travels and Adventures

Felt Flower Wreath from The Thinking Closet

Mesh Wreath from Glitter, Glue, and Paint (this particular post is for a Baby Wreath, but it’s a great tutorial for a mesh wreath!)

Cupcake Wreath from Ya Gotta Have a Hobby (this one is a Back-to-School wreath, but I learned how to make a cupcake wreath from it. Customize it to any color scheme!)

Simple Rag Wreath from Do Small Things with Love

Fall Flowers Wreath from One Artsy Mama

So get crafting this weekend and make a new wreath! It CAN be done in just a few hours!

Back to School Pencil Teacher Appreciation Gifts and free printable

Remember the Pencil Teacher gift from earlier in the year? They were so fun and easy to make, so I decided to revise the printable to make it a versatile gift for Back to School, as well!

Pencil Teacher Appreciation giifts

Here’s the new printable tag for this month! Right click to download it to your computer, and then print it out to go along with your gift.

Pencil Gift Tag

For complete instructions on making these pencil gifts, see the original Pencil Teacher Appreciation Gifts post!

Teacher Appreciation Pencil Package Gift

Milk Jug Crayon Bucket {a Repurposing Project}

I’m repurposing again today- and adding a little Silhouette detail to it. The kiddo’s stuff always needs re-organizing, and now that I have multiple kiddos it means multiple piles toys, toys, toys. Ugh. I don’t have a ton of money to spend on organization, so I’ve been playing around with a few free to cheap ideas. I made this Crayon Carton from a milk jug, washi tape, and then pulled out the Silhouette for fun!

Washi Tape Milk Jug Crayon Carton from It Happens in a Blink


  • Clean, dry gallon milk jug
  • Washi tape
  • Sharpie
  • Scissors
  • Acrylic Paint

Begin by cutting the top off of the milk carton. I cut right below the handle portion. I went around the carton with a sharpie and marked where I wanted to cut to make sure I got an even cut line.

Milk Jug

Cut around on the line.

Milk Jug Cut

Paint the inside with acrylic paint. The easiest way that I found to do this with the best coverage is to pour in the paint, swish it around the carton, and let dry. Using a paint brush was taking way too long!

Now add the washi tape around the outside. I added an extra piece over the top to dull the cut edge.

I then cut out the word ‘CRAYONS’ with my Silhouette on vinyl and applied the word. Brush over the carton with Mod Podge to seal the deal. Dump in those assorted crayons, and there ya
‘ go. A practically free crayon carton. And I like free. It makes things easier when they are trampled upon, sat upon, or drawn on with marker to know that it was free. ‘Nuff said.

Milk Carton Crayon Keeper from It Happens in a Blink

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Chicken Wire Hair Bow Holder or Jewelry Holder with Fabric Backing

I’ve finally finished the details to my little girl’s ‘big girl’ room. So far, I’ve created a ‘SISTER’ sign and a new lamp. For the last project, I made her two chicken wire organizers- one for her hair bows and one for her jewelry.

Chicken Wire Hair Bow Holder


  • Frame in the desired size (measure the area where it is going and find a frame in the appropriate size). I found one in bronze and spray painted it white.
  • Chicken wire remnants
  • Wire cutters
  • Hot glue gun/hot glue
  • Cardboard
  • Fabric the size of the frame

Spray paint the frame the correct color if it’s not already.

Cut the chicken wire the size of the inner lip of the frame. I wanted to staple the chicken wire to the inner lip of the frame, but it was too thin. So I had to hot glue it instead. After doing a little research, I discovered that my friend Lindsay had the same problem! This step is by far the most difficult. Cutting the wire and gluing it is hard on the fingers! Chicken wire is pliable, but it’s still not easy to glue to the thin part of a frame. Try hard to glue the chicken wire on straight.

Now it’s time to create the fabric backing. I knew that my little girl would be stabbing the wall with her barrettes, so I wanted something to protect the wall. Cut a piece of cardboard a little larger than the frame opening. Wrap the fabric remnant around the cardboard and hot glue it in place.

Chicken Wire Backing

Chicken Wire Frame from It Happens in a Blink

To finish up, hot glue the fabric-wrapped cardboard to the back of the frame. Now you’re ready to hang the holder! I used small ‘S’ plant hanger clips on the chicken wire for bracelets and other things that wouldn’t stay by themselves.

Chicken Wire Jewelry Holder from It Happens in a Blink

Chicken Wire Frame from It Happens in a Blink

DIY Sibling Sign {a Pottery Barn knock-off AND free Silhouette Cut}

Because I obviously have nothing going on, I’ve decided to spruce up and redecorate a few rooms at the same time. Which basically means that none of them will be done. Or by the time I’m finished I will be ready to re-decorate it again. But, for now, I’m excited to share another project! My dad’s new wife sent me a picture of these cute Sibling Plaques from Pottery Barn Kids. However, $59 per sign is not cute. So I decided to do my own little project. And, if you have a Silhouette, you’re in luck- I have a free cut file for you!

Sister Sibling Sign from It Happens in a Blink

Sister Sibling Sign from It Happens in a Blink

Begin with some sort of flat wood. I snagged a free quarter pallet from a local hardware store. I undid the wood and combined it into a piece of wood with no spaces in between. I then sanded (well, the hubby sanded) and primed the wood. Here is what I started with and what it came to be after the first coat of primer:

Sibling Sign Pallet

Sibling Sign Primer

Next, I added a darker pink coat of paint.

Sibling Sign Paint

Lastly, I added a final matte coat of white paint.

Sibling Sign Final Coat

Now I distressed the wood by sanding the top coat down a bit. There is no known formula for this- I just sanded until I got the desired look. I have to say, I wish that I had gone with a different color than the pink. After adding the pink words, I noticed that the dark pink took away from the light pink words. Well, live and learn. I’ll change it for the ‘brother’ sign.

Sibling Sign Distressed

Finally, add the words! I used my Silhouette to cut the vinyl words. I just applied them to the sign with transfer tape, but any method to get the words on the sign works. Do you have a Silhouette? Then I have a free cut file for you! Simple click and download. This cut file is designed for a 12×24 length. My piece of wood is just slightly larger.

Sister Silhouette Screen Shot from it Happens in a Blink

Sister Sibling Sign from It Happens in a Blink

Since the vinyl I used was not permanent vinyl, I covered the sign with Antique Matte Mod Podge. I liked the look of it, anyway.

So pretty! Like I said, next time I’ll change the dark color under the outer white, but I’m happy with the overall look. And, best thing, it was practically free! I had all the other materials on hand, so I had nothing to buy. :)




DIY Lamp Re-Model

Want custom decor and furnishings without the budget of custom work? DIY is definitely your best bet. We recently moved my daughter’s room from a “baby” room to a “big girl” room. She wanted a ‘girly’ lamp in her room. The only one that I had in the house was a tad on the ugly side. Not ideal for a preschool princess. That’s ok. A little paint, Mod Podge, and fabric can go a long way to turn a regular lamp into a custom lamp for a girly room.

Lamp remodel from It Happens in a Blink


  • White Spray paint
  • Apple Barrel pink paint
  • Gloss Mod Podge
  • Fabric

Begin by disassembling the lamp. Remove the shade and tape out anything that should not be painted.

Ugly Lamp

Apply white spray paint to the lamp base. Let dry. Apply enough coats to ensure complete coverage.

Spray Paint lamp base from It Happens in a Blnk

Use Apple Barrel pink paint to add accent colors. Let dry.

Add accent colors from It Happens in a Blink

Use a foam brush to apply Gloss Mod Podge. This gives a nice, finished sheen to the lamp base. Let dry.

For the lamp shade, I applied fabric Mod Podge around the lamp shade. I then wrapped the fabric around it, pulling it very taut. This was probably the most difficult part, and it didn’t turn out perfect, but I was satisfied with the results. I folded under the top and bottom and Mod Podged those ends to the underside of the lamp shade.

Lamp shade from It Happens in a Blink

A super easy fix to take a lamp from drab to fab!

Lamp remodel from It Happens in a Blink