Back to School Must Have Bucket for Teachers

My girl started  back to school this week. She is only in elementary school, but she’s 6 going on 16, if you know what I mean. We’ve already had conversations about things that “aren’t cool” or scenarios where she’s embarrassed in front of her friends. Naively, I thought that I had at least a few years before tackling some of these talks! When I saw this video from Kleenex® that discusses middle school students and how they feel about starting school, I watched it again with my daughter. While she’s not in middle school, I know that she struggles with empathy like all kids do, and I thought the video would be a good way to start the conversation with her in a way other than me just bringing it up.

My daughter’s a smart one, and while implementing empathy may take some practice, we had a good discussion about considering the feelings and circumstances of others on a daily basis. And that’s when she brought up the question, “What about my teacher? I should think about her feelings, too. Right, mom?”

A resounding YES!

We talked about how teachers love working with kids, but teachers have tough days, too, and they need to be shown grace and consideration by students (and other parents).

Making a little teacher gift can be a great way to show gratefulness to teachers. Once you’ve had a kiddo in school for a few years, you know that there are supplies that are always on a teacher’s wish list. Grab these and create an easy to assemble basket for teachers.


Back to School Must Have Bucket for Teachers AD


-Gift in a reusable basket, crate, or bucket. Teachers can use these in the classroom, home, or for carrying supplies.

-Include Kleenex® in a few different sizes. Teachers can have a large box in the classroom and a smaller packet in their bag. After all, kids never have to blow their nose until you’ve walked out of the room, right?!?!

Back to School Must Have Bucket for Teachers AD



Back to School Must Have Bucket for Teachers AD


-Add other items that you know that they need often. Markers, folders, and glue sticks are often things elementary teachers need.


I added a personalized touch to this bucket with my Cricut. I cut the apple out of pearl paper for a shiny gift tag.


Back to School Must Have Bucket for Teachers AD

Have you and your kiddo watched the Kleenex® video? I encourage it! This story is part of the larger “Someone Needs One” program, in which Kleenex® brand is challenging people to be more aware of overlooked, everyday opportunities to show that they care. Check out the full social experiment online and visit to see how you can help make caring contagious this back-to-school season.



I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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