Art Party Crayon Candies

As part of the Art Party themed snacks, I made these Crayon Candies.

These were one of the easiest things I’ve ever made! Here’s a brief rundown of how to replicate them:
  • Crayon Candy Mold- I purchased mine from eBay. It made 15 crayons at a time. 
  • Candy melting discs- I purchased these from Wal-mart in four different colors: yellow, blue, red, and green
  • A microwavable bowl
  • A spoon or object to our the candy into the mold
  • Kraft bags for holding the candies (I bought some from Mindy’s Minute Market and folded them to resemble a crayon box)

Follow the directions on the candy melts bag to microwave the discs to the correct consistency. Using a small spoon, squeeze bottle, or ziploc bag with one edge snipped off, pour the melted candy into the molds. 

Place in the freezer for five minutes. 

Remove from freezer and pop out the candies.

I may link this post to these parties.


  1. says

    these are so cute :) my little guy would get super confused though since we are trying to teach him not to eat crayons at the moment. found you via the gfc hop and would love for you to stop by sometime :)

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