Apple Stackers and 14 Fruity Back to School Snacks

Do you kids get home super hungry from school? Sometimes my little one can’t even wait until she gets home and I wind up packing snacks in her lunchbox for the ride home. It can be easy to get in a snack rut, serving the same ol’ crackers over and over. Today I’m sharing a quick and easy recipe for Apple Stackers. If you child is allergic to nuts, feel free to replace them with raisins. Before we get to the recipe, be sure to check out the collection of 14 Fruity Back to School Snacks that I’ve compiled over on A special thanks to for sponsoring today’s post!

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Apple Stackers

Apple Stackers Snacks |   |


  • 3 Apples, any variety
  • Honey
  • Thin sliced almonds

Wash, core, and slice apples into rings. I have a handy dandy (aff link) Apple Peeler that I use to core apples. It lets me disable the peel portion to leave the skin on the apple.

Apple Stackers Snacks |   |

Drizzle a ring of honey around the apple ring.

Apple Stackers Snacks |   |

Top the honey with the thin sliced almonds.

Apple Stackers Snacks |   |

Continue the above until you’ve stacked the apples as high as you want!

Apple Stackers Snacks |   |

Let the kiddos come up with creative ideas for things to go in between the apple slices.

Happy Snacking!



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