Adding Easy Sketch Pen Detail to Silhouette Cuts

In case you didn’t hear the squeals last month, I won TWO Silhouette Portraits from blog giveaways. Umm…..Yeah! After months and months of entering, I finally won! I decided to sell the Portraits for a Silhouette Cameo. It’s nice to have options! :) For some reason, I think the triplets don’t like the Silhouette. Every time I go to use it, they start crying and I have to quit. Boo…

I did have time to knock out one quick project. Lauren from The Thinking Closet offers a free Thank You card cut file over on her blog. It’s super cute, and the card can fit into a legal size envelope. You know, the kind that I always have on hand but no cards ever fit? I needed Thank You notes anyway, so I decided to cut a few out using her free cut file. My Cameo came with cute Metallic Sketch Pens, too, so I knew that I wanted to incorporate those. It was SUPER EASY to add the sketch pen detail, and while it probably doesn’t need an explanation, here’s how I added Sketch Pen Detail to an already existing Silhouette Cut.

Adding Sketch Pen Detail to Silhouette Cuts from It Happens in a Blink

Cut your image however you normally would. In my case, I cut two Thank You notes on a page.

Silhouette Sketch Pen from It Happens in a Blink

Reload the same paper without changing anything.

Go back to Silhouette Studio and add the detail that you would like “Sketched”.

Adding Sketch Pen Detail from It Happens in a Blink

Once this is placed, delete the shape that you previously cut so that only the image to be sketched is left behind.

Adding Sketch Pen Detail from It Happens in a Blink

Change out the blade for the sketch pen.

Send the image to the Silhouette.

Voila! My Thank You notes now have a cute sketched detail. I played around with the sketch pen colors and paper. The bronze sketch pen on green paper was my favorite.

Sketch Pen Detail from It Happens in a Blink

Visit The Thinking Closet for the card download file!

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Do you have a Silhouette? Would you like to participate in the Silhouette challenge?  Simply contact Lauren from The Thinking Closet by email.


  1. says

    Yay! Melanie I’m more than flattered that you decided to use my cut file to make some thank you cards. The colors you chose are awesome! And now you’ve inspired me to add some sketch pen details to my cards, next time I make them. Look at this fabulous cycle of inspiration!

    So glad you participated this month and congrats again on winning the giveaways! So exciting.

  2. says

    Hi Melanie, this is such a great tutorial for adding little details to the cut files. Especially if you meant to do it with the print and cut feature, and forgot! :) I love the white on the pink, I think that’s my favorite. Also, lucky YOU to win two Portraits!! Wow! Glad you’ve joined the Silhouette Challenge group. Looking forward to seeing more. Have a great day!


  3. says

    These turned out great! I haven’t given the sketch pens a try yet but I love what you & others have done with them. They look versatile.

  4. says

    Great idea using the sketch pens to add some detail. I have the metallic set as well and I love how they turn up, especially on black paper. My only beef is that they run out of ink pretty quickly.

  5. says

    Nice to ‘meet’ you here in the Group! My Goodness – You have your hands full and still hope to Craft! Great ideas here and good tutorial – I’ve not done anything but Cut with My CAMEO (- that I won last summer – after never having won Anything!) – and I look forward to doing more soon – ;-}

  6. peggy says

    that is how I always have done that but learned a better way after you decide what cut you want to do go ahead and add what you want sketched and then click on the sissors and what is to be cut click on nocut and then go back and sketch .then cut it is way easier and keeps you from having to reload the paper and chance of it being a little off

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