It Happen in a Blink, LLC, is a go-to website for parents, crafters, and DIY fanatics!

Launched in 2012 as Bear Rabbit Bear Crafts, this blog transformed quickly over the years to It Happens in a Blink to reflect the changing tides in our own personal lives. We showcase easy, quick projects that any busy parent can accomplish! Here are a few things that we believe:

  • Parenting is fun! Embrace the messiness that is parenting and enjoy the kids being kids!
  • Crafts and DIY projects for parents should not be complicated.
  • Life passes too quickly (in the blink of an eye, in fact!) to sweat the small stuff.
  • Kids should have fun learning Biblical stories and principles. That’s why you’ll find our Craft Through the Bible series a regular thing!


If any of the above sounds like the stuff you believe in (and I bet it does!), I invite you to look around, try a craft, or follow us on Instagram!



Hi! We’re Jason and Melanie!


We are self proclaimed parenting experts. We received a crash course when we became the parents to totally adorable and wild triplet boys. We have a plethora of baby and toddler related information stored in our brains, just waiting to come out on paper (or website?). From the best strollers to must have baby supplies to the man-liest bag to masquerade as a baby bag, we know all about it!

We also have an older daughter, a self proclaimed princess who pops in from time to time. She recently did a tutorial of her own for the blog.

Melanie enjoys crafting, cooking, DIY projects, and sharing parenting antidotes.

Jason enjoys all things outdoors, DIY, grilling out, and chasing the kiddos. Fun fact: He’s also a youth minister!