10 Summer Shirt Painting Ideas

Have you enjoyed Fabric Wee so far? Today I’m sharing a few great fabric painted shirt ideas from blogland. Before trying any, be sure to check out my Tips for Fabric Painting to make the best out of your project.

10 Summer Shirt Painting Ideas

Bride to Be Shirt with It Happens in a Blink

DIY Bride to Be Shirts

Fabric Paint Character Shirts from it Happens in a Blink

Easy Character T-shirts

Flag T shirt

Flag T-shirt from Organized 31

DIY-Monogrammed-Onesies-with-Title-and-TagMonogrammed Onesies from Just a Girl and Her Blog


Fabric Spray Paint T-shirt from The Craft Nest


Newborn Onesie from That’s What Che Said

Captain America T-Shirt 1

Captain America Shirt from Tales of the Scotts


Onesies from One Artsy Mama


Foam Stamped Animal T-shirt from Pitter and Glink

Skinny Tie Onesies from It Happens in a Blin

Skinny Tie Onesies from It Happens in a Blink (this tutorial and pattern will be available on 6/28/13)


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