31 Simple Encouragement Ideas

Use these 31 simple encouragement ideas to be a blessing to someone today! This post may contain affiliate links. 

Happy National Day of Encouragement!

Wait- did you even know there is such a thing? Announced in 2007, the National Day of Encouragement occurs every year on September 12. Who can you encourage today?

I’m sure that we all can think of multiple people who need encouragement. But, sometimes, the difficult question is “How?”

Over the past week, I’ve been participating in the Encouragement Dare with DaySpring. I’ve tried to do something small daily to encourage someone else, using many of these items from the below list. Read over to see if any of these would be a way to encourage someone today or in the days to come!

31 Simple Encouragement Ideas



  1. Pray for someone.
  2. Send a friend an encouraging ecard.
  3. Pay for someone’s meal in a drive through line.
  4. Mail a card to someone.
  5. Provide a meal.
  6. Give a gift card to a grocery store or restaurant.
  7. Call someone unexpectedly.
  8. Do a house chore for someone.
  9. Babysit for a friend.
  10. Write an encouraging note.
  11. Take someone to lunch.
  12. Run an errand for a friend.
  13. Give an encouraging book.
  14. Bake treats with your kids to give away.
  15. Give a friend a manicure/pedicure gift certificate.
  16. Take a friend to church.
  17. Give a small gift.
  18. Email a favorite Scripture.
  19. Make a simple DIY project for them, like maybe a wreath or decorated candle.
  20. Send a care package.
  21. Send flowers or pick fresh flowers and take them.
  22. Compliment them.
  23. Listen.
  24. Call someone to say “Thank You.”
  25. Let your child draw them a piece of artwork.
  26. Make a fruit basket for them.
  27. Buy their favorite candy.
  28. Send them the link to an encouraging article.
  29. Send an inspirational text with a Scripture.
  30. Introduce them to Bible Journaling.
  31. Give a relaxing adult coloring book.


Everyone who sends an #EncouragementDare free ecard will be entered to win one of 50 Be Prepared Encouragement Bundles. Winning this would be awesome to always have something on hand to encourage someone!


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